Gem Space: A Superapp Designed for User Convenience

The standout feature of the Gem Space super app is not just its wide array of functions but also the ability for each user to customize the app to their individual needs using numerous options and services. To select the right settings for yourself, it’s important to thoroughly explore the app’s functionality.

Interface Design and Key User Settings

Every section of the app can be customized to suit your needs. Start by focusing on the interface design and key personal settings, which can be found in the “Settings” menu in your user profile.

Enable notifications to stay on top of messages and other events within the app. This option is available in the first menu item under settings. Notifications are essential for timely communication, but if you prefer not to be disturbed, you can easily disable them at any time.

Users of the super app spend a lot of time communicating, so to choose the appropriate color themes for your dialogues, use the background settings. You can select a chat background from over a dozen options and choose an overall color theme—either light or dark.

To quickly access the desired section of Gem Space, users can specify the tab that will open when they launch the app. Go to the “Home Tab” menu and choose the section you use most often, such as “Talks,” “Feed,” “Catalog,” or another option.

You can also personalize privacy settings. Specify who can call you, add you to groups and channels, see your phone number, send voice messages, and other security-related details.

Space for Every Aspect of Life

A significant portion of daily communication happens remotely via the internet in messengers, social networks, and other specialized communication apps. This applies to both professional and personal interactions.

Often, it’s not just about one-on-one communication but regular online interactions among large groups of people. For instance, students discuss academic matters not only at their universities but also at home. They prepare for exams, participate in events, and exchange information, requiring constant connectivity.

Ordinary group chats might not suffice, especially when interacting with multiple groups. It’s also beneficial to have quick access to useful information without searching for it repeatedly.

Gem Space addresses these needs in the “Spaces” section. Here, you can create themed spaces with custom names and designs, invite other users, and set up group chats. But the functionality of Spaces goes beyond that.

You can create special folders for storing information—collections. Additionally, an administrator can set up an information channel within a Space to keep all community members updated with the latest news and important information. There can be several such channels, and their updates can be conveniently viewed in a separate news feed within each Space.

Similarly, you can create a Space for communicating with colleagues or for any other topics, creating a fully customized virtual environment tailored to your needs within the super app.

The standout feature of the Gem Space super app is not just its wide array of functions

Unlimited Video Conferencing

Group calls and video conferences are extremely popular services among users. Gem Space offers the ability to conduct both individual and group calls. The call service is particularly convenient within this app because the developers have designed it with no limitations for users.

The main advantage of Gem Space is free access to all its services, including video conferencing. There’s no need to choose a tariff plan or pay for access. Group calls can accommodate up to 1,000 participants simultaneously.

Non-registered users can also join calls in Gem Space. Just send an invitation link to an unregistered participant, and they can join the conversation without needing to install the app beforehand.

Smart News Feed

Time-saving is a crucial advantage for a communication app. To quickly check all updates on channels a user subscribes to, simply go to the “Feed” section. Here, you can view all new posts on one page and receive recommendations for other channels based on your interests marked during your first visit to the “Catalog” section.

Gem Space offers many more useful services, making the app even more convenient to use. You can create unique greeting cards, transcribe voice messages for free, send AI requests to generate texts and images, and much more.

To explore all these features, simply install Gem Space on any device and start using the super app’s free services right away.

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