Food Technology – A Focus on Nutrition and Food Processing

Food technology is a large branch of food science that deals exclusively with the manufacturing, processing, packaging, quality control, and growth of various food products. In this field, a lot of scientific, technological, and medical developments are carried out. Some of these areas of technology include microbiology, virology, food safety, nutrition, and the handling and storage of foodstuffs.

A major part of food technology deals with food preparation, nutrition, safety, and waste management. This includes issues like contamination, food preservation and safety, food preservation methods, food safety, and handling. microbiology deals with all aspects of microorganisms that inhabit our foods. It includes the study of all edible parts of plants and animals.

Nutrition is one of the important branches of food technology. Here, scientists and technocrats apply their knowledge in the fields of nutritional evaluation, production, and marketing of foods and food packaging. Food packaging includes all the components of a foodstuff packaged for sales such as containers, covers, boxes, wraps, and labels.


All these processes are concerned with the proper preservation of foods for prolonged freshness. Apart from all these, another aspect of food technology that has a great impact on the industry is the development of new techniques for processing, packaging, and preservation. One of these techniques is known as deep-sea steaming. Food scientists are constantly exploring new techniques to come up with highly processed and sophisticated foods, packaged in new and improved ways.

Another branch of food technology is in the area of nutritional evaluation. This area of food science deals with the study and application of systems for maintaining nutrition levels in food products after their production and handling. This system basically involves systems for controlling water, minerals, and microorganisms levels in food products during processing and packaging. It is a very important aspect of food technology because maintaining proper nutrition levels in the foods is essential for the survival of man and his animals. The nutrient level also determines the taste and the flavor of a food product.

Food processing involves various steps like pre-heating, drying, cooling, chopping, grinding, fermenting, preserving (frying), chilling, sterilizing, and preparing food products for final packaging. All these procedures are concerned with the proper preservation of foods for a longer duration. A major part of the food processing industry is related to the production of frozen food products for distribution all over the world. Processed food items include ready-to-eat foodstuff, frozen foodstuff, dry products, and reconstituted food. Among all types of processed food, frozen food is highly preferred by people because it maintains good quality, flavor, and nutrient content even after being stored for a long period of time. Hence, if you want to stay healthy, eat healthily, and save money on your food budget, then you must opt for the production of food products through modern food processing techniques.

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