Five Photo Effects That Are Much Easier to Achieve Than You Might Think

Five Photo Effects

Adding photo effects to your imagery and using editing tools to achieve more professional-looking photographs has never been easier. However, if you’re new to using effects, you may be worried that you have to spend time learning how to complete the effects that you want. 

Well, the good news is you don’t actually have to spend valuable time learning at all when you use the best online photo editing tools. Most of the time, all it takes is a single click to create the effect you desire. 

Here are five photo effects that are much easier to achieve than you might think. 

1) Cartoon Effect 

Cartoon effects are a lot of fun to use. While you can use a cartoon effect on any photograph to turn it into a cartoon-like image, the cartoon effect is best used on portraits. 

With the right online photo editing tool, all it takes is a single click to “cartoonize” your photo. But if you want to create a more polished-looking cartoon effect, you can spend more time using a photo editing tool that includes sliders to adjust the effect to your liking. 

If you have a trendy, pop-culture-like website, changing headshots of the team into cartoons can work particularly well, but you can use the cartoon effect in any way that you wish.

2) Touching Up

Unlike the cartoon effect, it may take more than one click to touch up your photos, but it’s still simple to achieve touch-up effects when you use a good editing tool. Touch-ups include things like evening out skin tones, brightening eyes, removing blemishes, whitening teeth, and much more. 

Artificial intelligence does the hard work for you, so all you basically need to do is select the area of a photo that you want to touch up. Whether you’re using photographs for business promotion or personal use, you can make them more professional and blemish-free when you use a touch-up tool.

3) Transparent Background

When creating online content, it can be very helpful to use a transparent background tool to make your designs stand out on any color background. 

You can also remove the backgrounds of photographs to get rid of any distractions. For instance, if you want the viewer to focus on the restaurant in the foreground and not the litter bins in the background, you can easily remove the background to make the foreground image stand out. 

With the aid of an online photo editing tool, all it takes is a couple of clicks to make the background transparent and add another background, such as a color, if you so wish.

4) Painting Effect

If you want to create a painting but don’t have the necessary artistic skill, you can simply use a photo painting effect to make a photograph look like a painting.

It’s a lot easier than you may think. With the best online photo editing tools, all you need to do is upload a photo, choose the painting effect you want to apply, and click on a button to achieve your desired results. A more stylistic image with brushstrokes can work wonders for branding, website imagery, and personal use.

5) Image Enhancement

Some of the best photo editing tools include image enhancement tools. These allow you to instantly create more professional-looking photos within seconds without you having to do much at all.

 By simply clicking on an image enhancer, you can do things like adjust the exposure of an image, enhance the colors, and alter the highlights and shadows to make your image look like it’s a shot taken by a professional photographer.

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