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Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Market Present Scenario and Growth Prospects 2027

Between 2017 and 2027, the global artificial intelligence systems spending market is expected to grow at a remarkable 46.1 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Because businesses are restructuring operations to allow people to work from home, the coronavirus pandemic is benefiting from the coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, during the pandemic, increasing investment in online communications and cloud technologies would create lucrative opportunities.

Key Takeaways from the Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending Market

  • Due to automated customer care and fraud analysis applications, banking solutions for artificial intelligence systems are in high demand.
  • Pharmaceutical research applications are expected to increase quickly, thanks to the recent surge in digital patient and formulation databases.
  • Artificial intelligence system spending is increasing rapidly in the Asia Pacific, owing to increased investments in hardware and infrastructure for AI development.

The market for Artificial Intelligence Systems Spending – Key Drivers

  • Artificial intelligence is becoming more widely used in ERP and industrial solutions and applications, which is driving adoption rates.
  • Long-term investments in automated transportation and logistics are a major source of revenue.

Environment of Competition

IPsoft Inc., Google Inc., Inc., Microsoft Corp., Wipro Ltd., Facebook Inc., Infosys Ltd., IBM Corp., Intel Corp., Apple Inc., and Inc. are among the leading developers of


artificial intelligence systems spending market.

Artificial intelligence systems market participants are heavily investing in strategic acquisitions to improve their AI capabilities and workforce experience in AI development.

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