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FinTech Startups in London

London is giving birth to New Fintech Startups every year. On Tech Bullion you can get information on some of the FinTech Startups in London .

Financial Technology is very much an integral part of our modern life. Lots of people see Financial technology as a force that has escaped from traditional financial loopholes. Others feel that financial technologies have improved the caliber of  their life and business. Would you say the contribution financial technologies have made to modern life has been negative or positive?

Technology has become more and more pervasive in today’s world. Try to walk a kilometre today without seeing someone staring at their phone. Of course for me the challenge would be to walk a kilometre without looking at my own phone. We are doing more and more with these little devices. And Fintech is harnessing this mobile device opportunity through services like mobile banking.

We use technology to attempt to change the world to match us better. The changes may relate with survival needs such as food and shelter, or defense, or they might relate with human aspirations such as knowledge and art, or control. But the results of changing the planet are often complicated and unpredictable. Hence, innovative fintech startups are bringing up ideas to make these changes less complicated and more trackable through projects like Blockchain technology.

London is a very big financial hub for both traditional financial service providers and modern innovative Fintech startups. The Changes from these Financial Technology Startups have provided easy and more efficient financial services and accessibility. You are invited to check out our website for some of these innovative FinTech Startups in London .

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