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Financial Services Companies in Vietnam

With its unique history, geography and location, the country of Vietnam has one of the most promising economic markets. Getting funding for individuals, small, medium and even big businesses can be a little bit challenging. But financial services companies do a great job at providing financial solutions and tools to help entrepreneurs and individuals achieve their dreams. See some popular financial services companies in Vietnam and the Services they provide.

1) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation:

This is an old bank that has been long established in Japan before opening two branches in Vietnam to provide the Vietnamese people with unique financial services and solutions. The bank offers a lot of products including leasing, banking, investment in addition to money exchange and credit card services.

2) Maybank Vietnam:

The bank was first established in Malaysia before expanding to other countries including Vietnam. The bank offers unique financial services to its customers including investment tools, loans, credit cards and bonds. The bank also plays a key part in developing the infrastructure of the Vietnamese economy by sponsoring and taking part in megaprojects.

3) Hong Leong Bank Vietnam:

This is another bank that successfully expanded its business from Malaysia to Vietnam. The bank is specialized in offering unique consumer and business investment solutions and tools to its different customers. It offers unique products related to asset management, treasury, stock, insurance and loans.

4) Logitem Vietnam Holding & Investment:

With a sole focus on logistics and freight at the beginning, the mother company that was founded in Japan managed to achieve great success that allowed it to expand to other areas and other countries. Today the Vietnam branch offers a lot of business and investment solutions that are intended to help small and medium sized businesses in Vietnam. They offer unique financial tools in the fields of investment, funding and management guidance in addition to maintain their original services that are related to cargo transportation and freight forwarding.

5) Indochina Capital:

The company has been chosen by many multinational firms in Vietnam to act their financial advisor due to the company’s great experience and the uniqueness of the services they provide to their customers. The company is considered to be a leader in the field of financial advisory, real estate management, fund management and other related financial services. It has 2 branches in Vietnam and continues to provide its customers with high quality financial services in order to expand their businesses.

6) Dai-Ichi Life Insurance Vietnam:

The company was a huge success one year after being introduced to the Vietnamese market and soon became one of the 2 leading insurance companies in Vietnam. It offers unique life insurance plans that cater for the needs of its different customers and their needs. It also takes part in giving back to the Vietnamese community by participating in charity events and activities.

7) Him Lam Joint Stock Company:

The experts working at Him Lam have a deep and great understanding for the nature of the real estate sector in Vietnam. This enabled the company to be a key player in the real estate market. The company offers financial and investment related services to other individuals and businesses interested in the real estate business in the Vietnamese market.

8) PWC:  

As a part of a successful international corporation, the Vietnam branch offers unique financial and investment services. The company has an experienced team of specialists who are well aware of the investment, tax and accounting laws and matters in the Vietnamese economy. They also have a foreign law segment that aims at benefiting customers who want to expand their businesses outside Vietnam. They provide services in the field of taxing, law in addition to products especially designed for individuals like different compensation plans and also help companies with their organization reconstructing.

9) Sai Gon General Services Corporation:

The company has been established for 30 years in the Vietnamese market and offers a lot of financial and investment tools and products that aim at giving leverage to business ventures in the growing economy of Vietnam. The company offers unique products related to financial services, trading and real estate. The company focuses on full cooperation with the clients on basis of transparency and responsibility.

10) Tien Phong Commercial Joint Stock Bank:

The bank formed as collaboration between strong key players that allowed the bank to excel in the field of technology, finance and experience. The bank offers financial solutions to consumers and corporations with a focus on loans, foreign exchange solutions and e-banking. It also takes part in a lot of social activities.  

The Vietnamese market is growing and promising with a lot of investment opportunities to individuals and companies that want to take a part in that growth. These companies offer the best tools and a lot of diverse financial solutions that will help you in your financial needs.

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