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Financial Services Companies in United Arab Emirates

Financial services are the backbone of a country as these determine the growth of the economy. Different financial institutions take part in these services and collaborate with one another to keep the economy going. Without these services, it is almost impossible for a country to manage its finance sector and also the investments. These services also are beneficial for the people and advise them to shape their businesses in a proper way to maximize their profits. These also provide information about risk and advise them how to deal with risk management. The United Arab Emirates is a big business hub and many financial services providers are operating. This list provides you with some of the big financial services companies United Arab Emirates has.

1) Banks of the United Arab Emirates

The first and the most important services of these are the banking services. There are more than 15 banks working in the country and studies show that these have improved a lot in customer services and satisfaction since the last decade. Of all these banks, the Abu Dhabi Islamic bank tops the list with more customers. However, the trends in this service are positive and leading to increased customer satisfaction.

2) Aabar Investment

Founded in 2005, it is a joint stock company operating in Abu Dhabi. Its main services include infrastructure, aviation, financial services, real estate, commodities and many others. It was initially a Public joint stock company but in 2010 it was changed to private joint stock company. The company earns more than $400 million annually and plays a crucial role in the economy.

3) Amlak Finance

One of the most renowned companies of UAE, The Amlak group was founded in 2000. It is the leading company and provides financial services in real estate sector providing finances for purchasing land, construction, and repairing of old buildings. One most remarkable thing about the company is that it is operating under Sharia laws.

4) Daman Investments

This company was established in 1998 and is now considered one of the leading companies in financial services. It is working under license from Central Commercial Bank of United Arab Emirates and has won its reputation as leading Brokerage Company. The company has distinguished itself in providing innovative investment products and services to its clients across the world and UAE.

5) Das Holding

Another very prominent financial services provider in UAE, Das Holding was established in the year 2006 as a major investment company based in Abu Dhabi. It is actually a joint venture of many industries that offer a broad range of products and services. With many expert, experienced and diverse employees, it is playing a key role in the economy of UAE. Its services are stretched across the globe and make it a leading holding company.

6) Mawarid Finance

It is the only dependant joint stock company in UAE that was founded in 2006 with a paid capital of 1 billion AED. Like many other companies it is also operating according to Sharia principles and supports many small and medium enterprises. This company also encourages the population of UAE to take part in the growth of the country through a specially offered program called Emiratisation. It also offers many programs to manage finances online also. The company, due to its role in UAE economy, was awarded ISO9001 award in 2008.

7) Borse Dubai

It is the leading stock exchange company in Dubai which was established in 2007. This company has consolidated the two stock exchanges of Dubai and also has made investment in other running exchanges. It has made Dubai a large business hub in the world. The main focuses of the company are financial services and capital markets and due to this focus it has supported many regional capital markets and made them international.

8) Dunia Finance

Another leading financial services provider that is formed as a result of the joint venture of many small groups is Dunia Finance. This company has its head offices in all the big cities of UAE. It provides loan, credit card, investment services to its clients and also takes part in providing working capital facilities to small business groups. The company has a qualified team of experts that also focuses on education, social wellness, and also environmental services.

9) HBG Holding

This holding company was established in 2004 with its headquarters at Dubai. It is also one of the largest investing companies that are playing a key role in the boost of the economy. As an investment management company, it provides services to many private and institutional clients. It is also playing a bridge role between UK and UAE.

10) Redha Al Ansari Exchange

One of the oldest companies founded by Ansari group in 1945, this company is the largest remittance and foreign exchange company. It has branches all across UAE and is working with a vision to become a trusted company for all kinds of money transactions. Some of its main services are foreign exchange, corporate money transfers, labor guarantee and personal remittances.

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