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Financial Services Companies in Ukraine

Ukraine is an independent country in Eastern Europe with fertile farmlands, heavy industry, and diverse economy. Its economy has always remained a bump due to aerospace and equipment industries. Furthermore, its geographical location also makes it very important country in the globe. There are many financial services providers operating their businesses across the country. Have a look at some of the most popular financial service companies in Ukraine.

1) APEKS Bank

One of the leading financial services provider in Ukraine, this bank was founded in 2009 and was registered with the National Bank of Ukraine same year. This bank also deals with many consumer services as credits, money management, and brokerage activities. It has several branches all across the country but the main office is in KIEV. It also operates as a joint stock company.

2) ASKA Insurance Company

It is the first private insurer of Ukraine since 1995 and has been working as Joint Stock Company. It also has a lot of branches across the country with headquarters in KIEV. It provides many consumer services and offer policies for life, auto, and real estate insurance policies. Its capital is around 200 million UAH.

3) Esta Holding

This company was established in 2006 in the name of SCM Estates but in 2008 it was named as Esta Holding. Its headquarters are in Donetsk and its main areas of services are investment, development of commercial and residential properties, hospitality business, and real estate operation and management.  It has more than $300 million capital and still wants to grow. It is also playing a vital role in the economy of Ukraine.

4) Investment Capital Ukraine

It is another very famous financial service provider company in Ukraine with its headquarters in KIEV. Its main areas of business are investment, trading, and asset management.  It also has won many awards to its name and is playing a key role in the economy even today. Their top management is 10 to 20 years experienced in the relevant fields. It does not have any shareholder and no exclusive partnership and is totally independent.

5) BG Capital

Another of the top companies in Ukraine with its operations in Russia and Georgia is the BG Capital which was founded in 2000 in the name of Galt and Taggart Securities. It was renamed as BG Capital in 2009. This company offers the consumers a lot of investment related services such as brokerage, debt capital raising, equity management, investment banking and asset management. It is the only company which has ability to trade securities to almost all the exchanges worldwide.

6) PrivatBank

It is the largest commercial bank in Ukraine in terms of number of clients, assets value, loan portfolio, and taxes paid to the national budget. This bank was nationalized in 2016 and Government took its 100% ownership. It has also introduced many innovative services like mobile banking, LiqPay, 3D secure technology, and Electronic coin free change technology. It has also launched many social projects for the betterment of masses.

7) Concorde Capital

The next in the list of financial service provider companies is the Concorde Capital. It is also a limited liability company with head office in KIEV. It offers a lot of consumer services as investment banking, brokerage management, and asset management. It was established in 2004 and after one year of its establishment it became a top rated company and was included in the top five companies of the country. It also won the honor of being leading partner in Ukraine stock exchange. Recently, it has won the award of being best trader in the Ukraine market.

8) KDD Group

It is another leading real estate management company with lot of operations in Ukraine. It was founded in 1994 and since then it has been playing an important role in the economy of Ukraine. It also helps its clients by investing in Real Estate and its development. It provides a lot of financial services to the people of Ukraine. The most famous services are auto financing, hose construction finance, real estate investment and many others.

9) Perspektyva Stock Exchange

It is the only most reputed stock exchange in Ukraine with a lot of beneficiaries across the country and also across the globe. It is a lot distinctive from the other two stock exchanges of Ukraine. It has won the award of being the first company in trading for continuous four years.

10) Oschadbank

This is a public joint stock company established in 1999 as one of the largest financial institutions of Ukraine. It has more branches than all other banks and its clients are guaranteed by government laws. It provides a lot financial services to the people.

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