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Financial Services Companies in Switzerland

The most beautiful and mountainous country in Europe is Switzerland with a lot of lakes, villages, and high peaks. It is a heavenly place on the earth and a big attraction for tourists. Millions of people come from all the parts of the world to see its beauty. It is also one of the most peaceful countries of the world. Its cities are a great display of medieval ages with a color of modernism. The main industries of this country are Banking and Finance. It is also popular across the world because of its wrist watches and chocolate. Since the main industries are banking and finance, there are a lot financial services companies operating in the country, we are giving you a few best to look at when making your choices for a financial service provider in Switzerland:

1) Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV)

It is the canton bank of Switzerland which has its operations in 26 cantons. It was founded in 1845 and has more than 2000 employees. Its headquarters are located in Lausanne. It offers a wide range of services including retail banking, corporate banking, private banking and asset management. It has about 74 branches across the country all serving customers to their utmost. It does not have any state guarantee of its liabilities.

2) Fontaine Securities

It is an independent financial advisory company based in Geneva, Switzerland. This company started its independent business in 2002 as an asset management company and, after its success, also started advisory service. It also gives its customers different project finance services. It is a small company which consists of 5-10 employees.

3) CIM Bank

Another banking company based in Geneva that was founded in 1990 and is operating its business independently. It is also a member of Swiss Bankers Association and, therefore, abides by all the laws and regulations of the association. This bank provides a number of financial services which include investment banking, investment management, and other retail banking services. From the year 2008, it has introduced online department which is providing customers with many online facilities.

4) Lombard Odier

It is one of the oldest and also the largest banks of Switzerland which was founded in 1796 in Geneva. It remained as a family business for seven generations and offered a lot of client’s services. It also has its branches across the world especially at the large financial centers. It offers the services like wealth management, portfolio management, and tax reporting to its private clients. It also provides them with risk based asset allocation, equity investments, and convertible bonds. It also has a vast IT network providing its customers the facilities of online handling of accounts.

5) International Commodities and Derivatives Association

It is a nonprofit association founded almost 40 years ago. It serves its member banks, exchanges and other many institutions. It holds many seminars and training programs for its clients providing them with quality trainings. It is still adding more members and also playing a vital role in the economy of the country.

6) La Roche and Banquiers

Another prominent company providing financial services to its clients is La Roche and Banquiers. It was founded in 1787 with its headquarters in Basel. It gives its clients advisory services to manage their wealth individually and also fulfills their financial needs. It advises clients on the growth, protection, and management of their own assets. They are known as the essence of Swiss private banking due to their varied services.

7) Pictet et Cie

This group, established in 1805, is the largest group to manage wealth and assets management for more than two centuries. It has many worldwide offices, subsidiaries, and branches across the globe. This group is also included in the leading banks of Switzerland with at least 3800 employees. It provides services in wealth management, asset management, and asset services to its valued customers.

8) UBS

It is the large financial services provider company which has its headquarters both in Zurich and Basel. It was founded in 1998 and currently has more than sixty thousand employees. It provides wealth management services to its clients and also advises them to manage their investment. It also offer asset management and investment bank services. It is operating almost across the world with lots of clients.

9) Rahn and Bodmer Banquiers

It was founded in 1750 as Rahn and Bodmer Company and later was certified as a private bank. Here, the partners, the management, and even the staff are quite expert in providing quality investment and advisory services. It provides services to private as well as foundations and other asset managers.

10) Edmond De Rothschild

It is also a private bank Headquartered in Geneva and was founded in 1923. This bank provides exclusive wealth management services to its private and institutional clients. It is a part of Edmond De Rothschild group which is a renowned investment group of Switzerland.

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