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Financial Services Companies in Spain

The financial services are economic services that are provided by a finance industry by businesses that deal with the management of money, with the credit card companies, the credit unions, the insurance companies, accountancy companies, stock brokers, investment funds, consumer-finance companies and much more. Some of these financial services companies are sponsored and owned by the government.

Dealing with money is a great risk, so these companies need to have pretty strict precautions in the management process.  This list is to help you find some good financial service companies in Spain.

1) Fenix Directo

  • This is a financial company located in Spain and its origin comes from the insurance company La Union y el Fenix.
  • Fenix Directo started working in 1991 as a subsidiary of the La Union y el Felix and in 1995 changed the name and became what it is today.
  • It offers financial and insurance services and it is a member of the largest insurance groups.
  • In 1999 merged with the German insurance group and the financial services company Allianz and became one of the best companies that provide these types of services.

2) Liberty Seguros

  • This is an international financial and insurance company located in Spain.
  • It has subsidiaries in the Liberty Mutual Group and has branches in Brazil.
  • It was a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in 2014.
  • The company also was a sponsor to the ProTour cycling team and some small continental cycling team.
  • It is certainly one of the best companies.

3) Mapfre

  • This is a financial and insurance company located in Majadahonda in Spain.
  • The origin of the name comes from the company Mutualidad de la Agrupacion de Propietarios de Fincas Rusticas de España and now refers as MAPFRE.
  • It has branches in Latin America as well and is one of the leading financial and investment companies in Spain.
  • It provides insurance mainly on the vehicles, and in 2007 achieved over €1.5 billion.
  • The tennis player Rafael Nadal is sponsored by this company.

4) Sabadel Solbank

  • This is a bank and investment company in Spain, owned by Banco de Sabadelli.
  • The aim and the focus of the company are on the retail banking for the Europeans who live in the coastal areas in Spain.
  • In 2014 got parent company.

5) Banco NatWest España

  • This company has the main assets in the financial sector and in the banking.
  • It was formed as a joint venture among National Westminster Bank in 1985 and Banca March S.A.
  • For the marketing purposes, the branches of the company cooperate under the brand of Solbank.

6) Storm

  • This is a company with an online platform and offers financial services. It integrates POS devices with the market platform and offers some solution that can be accessed digitally.
  • The company enables the micro merchants to manage their digital payments, the businesses and to sell services online.
  • This company uses credit scoring algorithms and generates loans.
  • It is formed in 2014, in Barcelona.

7) Dunforce

  • This is a fin-tech company that provides SAAS solutions that fasten the process of payment.
  • It integrates with ERP software and can use different payment methods, from credit cards to Sepa Direct debit.
  • It is located in Spain and is one of the best fintech companies.

8) Blueliv

  • This is a leading company in the field of fintech and offers online services for analysis intelligence, security vendors, transactions, payments and other financial support.
  • It offers protection against cyber attacks and is cloud-based platform.
  • In the services that are offered are utility, telecom, insurance, retailing, financial and others.
  • It is situated in Spain, but also has headquarters in California.

9) Mynbest

  • This is crowd-funding financial company that offers the services online.
  • It obtains the required funding in order to finish the projects.
  • The platform enables startups with some consulting services on how to develop the business.
  • Its aim is to deliver services to investors and improve their possibilities.

10) tefPAY

  • The company is fin-tech, online based Gateway Company that enables the merchants working with the e-commerce to accept other alternative payment methods or credit cards, while paying online.
  • Enables financial services like phone payment, web payment collections, subscription collections, etc.
  • It is located in Barcelona, Spain.
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