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As far back as 2013, there have been reports that Singapore will replace Switzerland as the Wealth Capital. Singapore does not fail to impress you with its high-rise buildings and its ultra-sophisticated infrastructure. The country has put in a lot of effort and hard work to reach where it is today. All this has led to the boom of several financial institutions and the fintech industry in Singapore. These financial Service providers are doing great in Singapore;

1) Toast Me

It is a peer 2 peer money transfer system which has been designed to enable the Filipinos residing in Singapore to remit their money back home in a matter of few seconds right from their cell phone. The application skips the usage of current banking infrastructure making the whole process fast and quick. From time to time, the company offers fantastic deals to its customers making this application a hit among its targeted users.

2) Fastcash Pte. Ltd.

It is one of a kind platform which allows users to send almost all their digital assets like money, airtime, token that hold certain values and even content like photos and videos to other users through a social media platform. The company has developed a unique link generating mechanism that enables money transfer over secure links.

3) CoinPip

A Bitcoin leveraging platform, CoinPip makes it easier to send money to the remote workers. The money is transferred directly into the bank accounts of the employees without having them to get into the fuss and trouble of managing and converting Bitcoins into their currency.

4) Moolahsense

It is Singapore’s first crowd funding or financing platform which is aimed at enhancing the quality of start-ups and empowering entrepreneurs to take on bigger challenges. It started in 2013 and over the last few years has gained trust and loyalty of many investors. Moolahsense puts the business in need of financial help in contact with the potential investors through a system of sophisticated algorithms thus making the conversations smooth and reliable.

5) Mensitis Capital Pte Ltd

Mensitis Capital is an investors tool that helps them to aggregate accounts and do visualisation of assets across classes and banks. They primarily run on 3 business lines which have a potential of growing exponentially in years to come. The best thing about Mensitis is the fact that they do not face any direct competition.

6) M-DAQ Pte. Ltd.

When a group of FX veterans and highly skilled and experienced people from securities industries come together, a concept like M-DAQ is formed. In short, it is an exceptional facility that deals in equities and ‘future’ concept of trading. It enables the investors to indulge in multi-currency trading without the need of massive investment and running cost. As per their official website, they are trying to create a ‘World without Currency Border.’

7) Temasek Holdings

Run by the Government of Singapore, it is an investment company with its headquarters in Singapore. It holds the reputation of being the most reliable and highly efficient financial investment sector within and outside the country. Interestingly, Temasek Holdings is one of the few companies that have managed to achieve an amazingly high rating of AAA and Aaa by Moody’s and Standards and Poor’s respectively.

8) Capital Dynamics

With its headquarters and operations in Singapore, Capital Dynamics is one of the best financial aid providers in the country of Singapore. It is an international fund manager which was founded by Tan Teng Boo intending to serving the world. As a matter of fact, the company has its offices in Sydney, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur as well which help it to achieve its goal. It extensively takes care of the Capital International Value Fund (CIVF), load-free global fund and also provides financial services of managing funds to its shareholders and investors.

9) OTDocs

It is one of a kind service that generates digital and original documents and then provides original papers with unique digital codes thus making all the documentation protected from frauds and risks. These digital papers and the original papers combination undergo full audit trails and have a lifecycle of their own. This enables the customers to have full control over their assets on their own without worrying about unauthorised access of any kind or relying on a third party to maintain the authority of the documents. OT Docs or open trade docs thus in a way is an attempt to eliminate errors and reduce bottlenecks by the use of blockchain technology, thus inducing more confidence in the investors.

10) TradeHero

Developed by MyHero, TradeHero is an application which was developed with a view of enabling the traders and experts to monetize their trading knowledge in a social and gamified environment. It is a virtual stock market which retrieves the data from the real world and creates a global social investment environment where people can show their skills without the risk of losing money. It brings the traders of every expertise and level together thus allowing everyone to learn something from each other which can then be used later in the real world trading scenario.

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