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Financial Services Companies in Philippines

The financial Industry in the Philippines is very much improving recently and that is because of the innovative financial companies operating in the country. If you are looking for some good financial services Philippines providers, this list will give you some of the best financial services companies in Philippines.

1) BancNet

  • This is a financial company established in Philippines and connects the networks of ATM with the local banks and the offshore banks.
  • It is one of the largest interbank in Philippines and has a number of transactions every year.
  • It is also a gateway in the UnionPay in China and allows access to 1 billion cardholders of ATM.
  • The cardholders of the company can make some cash advances widely in the country and it also connects with the networks of MasterCard.
  • This company provides services to almost 41 million clients.

2) Bankard

  • The company is one of the biggest and largest ones that issue credit cards in Philippines.
  • This company issues credit cards of the type CUP, JCB, Visa and MasterCard.
  • Also was managing debit cards issuing in the 90s.
  • This bank has 25 years of experience in the financial services that offers and is definitely one of the best companies in the finance industry.

3) Beep

  • This company is like a replacement of the system with magnetic cards in the payment methods.
  • It is located in Metro Manila and is operated and managed by AF Payments Incorporated which was owned by the investment corporation of Metro Pacific.
  • In some businesses used cash financing services and the paying was based on the rapid transit of the fares of transportation.

4) MegaLink

  • This Interbank is located in Philippines and connects networks of 13 ATM participants in the country.
  • It connects 2,921 ATMs in the country and manages more than 795,000 transactions every day.
  • MegaLink has 13,1 million members that have cards in the network company and is one of the largest in Philippines.
  • It is based on the motto that the cards are for everyone.

5) Expressnet

  • This financial company is an Interbank that connects the network of the ATMs in 7 banks in the Philippines.
  • It contains the smallest number of costumers and is the 2nd company in the country with the largest number of ATMs.
  • It is based on strength and is lead by the motto that provides powerful connection.
  • The company has been purchased by the rival BancNet.
  • The company operates every day, 24 hours and provides the required financial services to its customers.
  • It has more than 3.5 million clients.

6) Encash Network Services

  • The company is also known as ENS and is an independent one that is associated with the ATMs of 4 rural banks.
  • It is situated in Philippines and is much expanded nowadays.
  • The aim and the focus of the company is on the rural banks and the cooperatives in the country and provides solutions with low cost.
  • The company cannot allow itself to connect to the major networks in the country but is one of the firs companies that adopted the EMV technology.

7) The Philippine Dealing & Exchange Corp

  • The company is managing the exchange among the big banks in Philippines.
  • The aim and primary cause is the exchange in the sectors of the stock change in the country.
  • It is also a licensed company by the commission of exchange in Philippines and provides a centralized infrastructure.
  • Offers services like protection for the investors, transparency, discovery of the price, it is responsible for the compliance in the market and more.

8) Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company Inc

  • This is an insurance company that is a private and is established in Phillipines.
  • It was founded in 1963 and is among the best 15 insurance companies in the country.
  • It was founded by Daniel L. Mercado and currently is managed by his grandson.

9) Philippine Rating Services Corporation

  • This is a company that provides the rating for the banks, the commercial paper, the bonds, the local governments, and some other financial companies and institutions.
  • The company also offers finance transactions and security.

10) The Philippine Stock Exchange Inc

  • This is a national stock exchange established in 1992, in Philippines.
  • The national exchange was working from 1927 in the country and now is operating in 30 companies.

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