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Financial Services Companies in Malaysia

For a long time, Malaysia has been trying to carve a niche for itself in the financial world. Moreover this country has promised to give necessary guidelines to the latest products and business enterprises that are entering the world of financial services. Bank Negara Malaysia is making use of Sandbox framework in its financial technology Innovation.  The concept of sandbox is not new to countries like Singapore, Australia and UK. This concept gives flexibility to financial institutions and fintech companies. Here is a list of some popular financial services companies in Malaysia .

1) Soft Space

This company was launched in 2012 and is one of the topmost financial services company in Malaysia. This company is involved in providing solutions for payment industry and e-banking. This company has more than 20 sites in the entire region of Southeast Asia. This company also serves some of the top banks in this region.

This company received a huge grant of $5.6 million from the government of Malaysia in order to grow its R&D department.  The perfection and diligence of this company can be judged from the fact that this company has won many prestigious awards.

2) ManagePay Systems Berhad (MPay)

This is a fintech company in Malaysia which has its expertise in money and payment services to various businesses.  To be more precise this company end-to end solutions for payments to various banks and financial institutions. The list also includes merchants and companies that issue cards.

This company was given a license by Bank Negara Malaysia in 2015. As a result this company was able to introduce e-money. MPay is listed on ACE Market of Bursa Malaysia. The market capitalization of this company is whopping US$31 million.

3) GHL

This is one of the top most end-to end payment service providers in the Asia Pacific region. This company has total employee strength of 400 spread across many place which includes Bangkok, Manila, Sydney, Wuhan and Kuala Lumpur.

GHL is involved in the delivery of products and services to clients of different industries that include financial and banking services, gas, oil, transportation and retail. This company is listed in the stock exchange of Kuala Lumpur.

4) Tranglo

This fantastic financial service in Malaysia was founded in 2008.  This company serves more than network 250 operators of mobile network and 400 banks. There are three main products of this company namely Prepaid Reload, Digital Gifts and Money Transfer.

5) Ethis Kapital

Ethis Kapital is a fantastic financial service company in Malaysia. This company has the privilege of being the first and only licensed Islamic crowdfunding platform in the world. The latest addition in the feature of this company is that it has just got a peer-to peer financial platform operator.

6) Crowdo

This company is a fintech company which has its expertise in solutions of crowd funding. This company has focussed in the market of Southeast Asia while the currency operates in Asian countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. This company was founded in 2013. It is also one of the largest and largest crowd funding bases and contains more than 17000 members. This company has its offices in Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

7) Neuroware

This company is also a top most financial services company in Malaysia.  This company is involved in developing tools and various protocols for enterprises.  This company also imparts training and workshops on private education to many large companies and regulatory agencies.

8) iMoney

This company was launched in 2012 and is basically a fintech firm.  This company is involved in the operation of network for financial comparison websites. The head quarter of this company is in Kuala Lumpur. This company has it offices in countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Philippines. This company has a huge base of around 10 million customers. IMoney lets its users compare as well as apply for certain financial products like loans, credit cards, insurance products and broadband.

9) Money Match

This company offers two services which are – portal for website travel information and mobile based communication platform. You can exchange currencies and save up to 3 % on any kind of transaction you make. This company is also coming up with a third product which is expected to be a communications platform for exchange of currency.

10) MyCash Online

This is basically an online marketplace which has been especially created for migrants of Malaysia and Singapore. This company offers easy and secure online services to various foreign workers who cannot access online credit cards or online banking.

The above mentioned companies are undoubtedly the good financial services companies in Malaysia. To find out more about them, search for their websites in the search engines.

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