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Financial Services Companies in Zambia

Zambia is a developing country still trying to build its economy. With a lot of new projects, the country is trying to create better investment opportunities and financial solutions. In this article we talk about some popular financial services companies in Zambia you can contact for your financial services.

1) Alios Finance:

This is a subsidiary of Alios Finance Company that began work in 2008. The company offers a lot of products and tools that are targeted at giving businesses cash flow management tools. The company also offers flexible terms and conditions to cater for different needs. Some of the unique products that this company offers its clients are finance lease, hire purchase and operating lease in addition to investment loans.

2) Zambou:

This company offers different types of loan and insurance products to suit different customers’ needs. The company was initially founded to provide Zambians with microloans but has expanded its line of business to offer a lot more. The financial solutions are designed to provide productive low income Zambians with a better quality of life. Payroll loans are very popular and manage to decrease the gap between earning and spending that most Zambians have to deal with.

3) AB Bank Zambia:

This bank is the leading financial services provider to micro and medium sized businesses and entrepreneurs in the Zambian economy. Its products include personal banking, business banking, electronic payment system and microfinance. The bank continues to provide financial services to more business projects.

4) Banc ABC Zambia:

The bank offers a combination of comprehensive personal and business banking and financial services to its customers through a network of 22 branches that spread among the 10 districts of Zambia. The bank also offers different financial solutions for corporate and micro investment that aim to support the economic growth in the Zambian economy. The bank focuses on building long term relationships with its customers and clients whether they are investors, business owners, stockholders or simply people who seek financial solutions.

5) FINCA Zambia:

This is a subsidiary of the international firm that aims at improving the quality of life of the clients by offering unique and effective financial solutions. The company offers well designed products that aim mainly at helping small scale businesses that struggle to get cash leverage in a developing economy. These products include micro and small business loans, savings, credit lines, transaction services in addition to insurance services.

6) Entrepreneurs Financial Centre:

This is a privately owned microfinance company in Zambia that aims to offer fair loans with flexible terms to minority groups that are less privileged and have less access to financial solutions. It specifically offers a special kind of loans that aims at providing financial solutions to female market traders. They also offer business loans that benefit micro and medium business enterprises. The loans are all covered under a comprehensive life insurance plan that would pay off the loan if the person dies or is subject to disability. Its unique services make it one of the most popular financial services providers in Zambia.

7) Meanwood Finance:  

This company offers short term financial solutions that benefit individuals and businesses. The company has a lot of branches across Zambia and offers a lot of financial products that have flexible and different terms to cater for individual needs. It has a team of highly qualified financial advisors who research the financial situation of each individual client and their requirements. Then they will provide tailored solutions that will exceed the expectations of that client.

8) Bayport Zambia:

Bayport offers a lot of financial solutions to people who want to have a better quality of life. Their products include personal loans, business loans and investment opportunities that suit different needs and requirements. Loans offered by Bayport require no guarantees, collateral, deposits or post-dated cheques. They also have a mobile network that allows their customers to have an employee meet them and offer them the most appropriate products if they are unable to go to the bank.

9) Zampost Microfinance:

The company offers a lot of loan options to its customers. Their products include salary and payroll loans, group loans, small group loans and individual loans. It has a wide network that allows it to be accessible to different customers across Zambia. This enables the company to reach the most remote areas which have no access to financial services.

10) Blue Financial Services:

The company offers a lot of financial services and tools to small and medium businesses in Zambia. They aim to facilitate their functioning in the developing Zambian economy. Their tools include business loans and different financial tools that would help them to gain leverage in the market.

These financial services companies represent the only chance to many Zambians who wish to achieve financial independence or wish to give their business ventures the proper finance needed to work in the market. They offer flexible products and terms to meet their customer’s needs.

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