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Financial Services Companies in New Zealand

If you are looking for the best financial Service providers in New Zealand, the given information below will easily inform you on how to get  financial services from these popular financial companies New Zealand;

1) Bridgecorp Holdings Ltd

  • This is a financial company that is operating in New Zealand and was originally on the list of the stock exchange market.
  • It is a property development group that has branches in Australia.
  • Bridgecorp moved the headquarters in Sydney, Australia after the few times of rejection to the NZX.

2) Brierley Investmens Limited

  • This financial company was established in New Zealand in 1961 by the veteran Sir Ron Brierley.
  • In 1985 was listed in the stock exchange in Australia and become one of the best and most successful companies in the 80s.
  • In the 90s the company had poor investments and very high foreign exchange.
  • It is one of the best financial companies in New Zealand that is offering this type of services.

3) Hanover Finance

  • This is a finance company that is not a bank.
  • Its focus and aim are on the property development and prevent the high risk of failure.
  • It is lead by Mark Hotchin and is one of the largest companies in New Zealand providing services like financial support, accounting services and finance interests.

4) Angel Investment

  • This is another financial company located in New Zealand that has leading services in the field of finance.
  • It operates by connecting and associating those investors who want to invest in the company.
  • Harmoney Limited also provides personal loans and the focus of the company is directed towards expanding the loan business in the future.
  • It was established in 2014 and was the first licensed company operating in this field.
  • It also provides financial legislation and is governed by board of directors.

5) Sovereign Assurance Company Limited

  • The Sovereign Assurance Company is located in New Zealand and is a financial company that provides health and life insurance, investments and works with loans.
  • It is part of the ASB Group and was established in 1989 as was operating as investment and insurance provider.
  • Its expansion was in 1996 when the company was acquired by the ASB Group and integrated in the financial sector of the country.

6) Pioneer Finance

  • It is one of the largest companies in New Zealand and was established in 1922.
  • It offers services like financial support, accounting services and loan services.
  • It was considered as the best and largest financial institution in the country.
  • The company offers services to the government of New Zealand as well and it has a specialty in the personal loans.
  • In 2000 had almost 35,000 investors and was considered to be $NZ 2 billion worth.
  • The financial company owns 13 other companies which operate as branches in the other parts of the country.

7) Veda NZ Limited

  • This is one of the largest financial companies in New Zealand and previously was called Baycorp Advantage.
  • It is like an agency that operates with credit reference and supplies the companies and the individuals with the needed information.
  • It was owned and managed by the Privacy Act.
  • The company contains a group of providers which shares the information with the members.
  • The company had the biggest debt collection in New Zealand that was sold for $97 billion in 2007.
  • It is definitely among the best financial companies in the country.

8) Kiwibank Limited

  • This is a financial company that is owned completely like a subsidiary and is part of the New Zealand Post limited enterprise.
  • It provides services like banking, accounting, withdrawals, loans, finance support and credit services.
  • The bank was established in 1987 by the government in New Zealand and was separated as a stand- alone company.
  • In 1989 was sold to the government to ANZ.

9) DFC New Zealand Limited

  • The company existed from 1964 until 1991 and was part of the financial industry in New Zealand.
  • It was a joint among the government and the Reserve Bank in New Zealand and operated in the applied technology sector and the business capital funds

10) Electronic funds transfer at point of sale

  • This is also known as EFTPOS and is a type of electronic system that is based on the transfer of funds: credit card, debit card or payment card funds.
  • The technology of the system originally is from USA.
  • The cards that are used in the payment methods in the system need to have a bank card number according to the numbering standard and each card has to be specifically identified.
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