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Financial Services Companies in Germany

Germany has been emerging in not just the Banking and Insurance sector, but also the FinTech sector. It has made some great contributions to both these related industries over the past few years, and here’s a list of popular Financial Services Companies in Germany:

1) Allianz Worldwide

A brand of Allianz Worldwide Partners, Allianz worldwide is a financial services company based in and located in Germany. Its main services include insurance and asset management. It offers insurance ranging from health to disability to those willing worldwide. In the year 2014, Allianz Worldwide was recognized as the largest insurance company and financial services group by Forbes.

2) Deutsche Bank Group

Translated to English as the ‘German Bank’, Deutsche Bank Group is a banking and financial services company, with its headquarters based in Frankfurt. Originally based in Germany, it has since then made its reach visible in over 70 other countries, holding a large presence in the United States of America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. Deutsche Bank Group serves its financial products and services to not just corporate clients, but also private clients. Its core business lies in investment banking. Its other services include trading, mergers and acquisitions, risk management products like corporate finance, and research of debt and equity.

3) Munich Re

Breaking it down in details, reinsurance is the term given to the purchasing of insurance by an insurance company from one or more insurance companies. This can be done either directly or through a broker. Said services is exactly what Munich Re specializes in. Munich Re is one of the world’s leading reinsurer company, and is based in Munich, Germany. It is included in not just the Euro Stoxx 50, but also at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, all of which indicate to the greatness of this company.

4) Ascribe

A FinTech company based in Germany, Ascribe is a Scalable Block Chain database builder and a BigChainDB. How this serves its users is that it helps creators with the management of their prize-possession digital resources by giving them the service of easy sharing and secured attribution. It provides secured attribution by applying Block Chain in order to secure digital art. Having been founded in the year 2014, it has since then made great contributions to the FinTech world for not just Germany, but for all over the world. It has since then been working closely with some remarkable creators along with some other digital marketplaces.

5) Commerzbank

Dating back to 1870, Commerzbank was founded by merchant and individual bankers in Hamburg, Germany. It has come a long way since then, many seeing it as a heritage. With its headquarters based in Frankfurt, Commerzbank offers banking and financial services. It is said to be Germany’s second largest bank, with a vast number of branches scattered in not just Germany, but 50 other countries. Commerzbank is a giant such that it finances about 30 percent of Germany’s foreign trade. It has a serving of roughly 17.5 million private business customers, along with 60,000 corporate ones.

6) Friendsurance

Based in Germany and founded by 4 persons in the year 2010, Friendsurance essentially serves its customers with a peer-to-peer insurance concept. What has people increasingly moving towards it, though, is its policy of rewarding those who have not claimed their insurances with some bonus rewards at the end of every year. It has over 60 domestic insurance partners, but in the market it operates as an independent broker.

7) GetSafe

This insurance tech app offers management of all the insurance policies that a consumer holds. It provides its users with the ease of handling and management by keeping all their policies in one place. The fact that it is a free app is building on its consumer base. How it makes lives easier for those using it is that first, it provides an overview of the existing policies of the users, helps them with optimizing their insurance portfolio, and then, upon analyzing their data, provides free advice via the help of insurance experts.

8) HVB Group

Hypovereins Bank (HVB), is a giant when it comes to German financial institutions. Being the fifth-largest one, it has its registered office in Munich, and is a proud member of the Cash Group. As of the year 2005, UniCredit Bank AG had been a subsidiary of an Italian provider of financial services called UniCredit S.p.A. However, upon the entrance of the transfer resolution in the year 2008, equities of the minority shareholders were passed on to the principal shareholder, which was UniCredit S.p.A. This is how HVB Group came about to becoming a wholly subsidiary, but it has not been sighted on the stock exchange since then. HVB’s main focus is placed on private business clients and corporate banking, private banking, and activities related to customers in the capital market.

9) Kreditech

Kreditech, based in Germany, is an online lender that gives loans to those looking for it. This is, however, done after analyzing their online data in order to reach a conclusion regarding their creditworthiness. Understandably, after conducting said analysis, it provides loans to those worthy.

10) Mambu

Serving its users with an active cloud banking platform, it lets banking institutions create, launch and service swiftly deposit and loan products. Mambu, being founded in the year 2011, works in 35 countries with 145 institutions.

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