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Financial Services Companies in Canada

Financial services company can help you in a lot of scenarios when it comes to money. Their services are not only limited to helping you in managing the assets you currently own but also on helping you in acquiring more and maintaining them in the future through various schemes and aids they have, among many other services related to money. If you are looking for good financial service providers in Canada, see this list.

Royal Bank of Canada

Ranked in 2012 as the biggest bank in Canada, the also called RBC Royal Bank is an enormous company, leader in the market, which has grown its reputation not only in Canada but also in many countries around the globe.  They are not only one of Canada’s biggest banks but also one of the largest banks and financial services companies in the world. The RBC has generated more than 80,000 jobs and has proven to offer a trustworthy service in money management and commercial transactions.

They always focus on delivering service of the highest standard, and they value putting clients ahead of them. They have significant importance in Canada, U.S. and many other global centres as the go-to bank when talking about quality and security.

Toronto-Dominion Bank

The Toronto-Dominion Bank focuses on being a welcoming bank for diverse communities around North America, regardless of age, religion, gender or sex. They also have contributed in generating enormous amounts of jobs, and they have won one of the “Top 50 companies for diversity in U.S.”. Their customer-friendly approach in helping the community have earned them their big reputation and loyal clients as well as always being ranked in the top five best banks in Canada in many different sources.

They offer not only wealth management, market analysis and commercial services but also general strategic advice in growth, business organisation and success.

Power Corp. of Canada

Since 1925, this corporation is growing larger and larger as many companies that hire the Power Corporation of Canada notice substantial growth. They are a management company that seeks to aid with financial, communication and business. They have an excellent reputation and have protected the national interests of Canada since its foundation.

Bank of Nova Scotia

Bank of Nova Scotia or Scotia bank is a very diversified international bank with that has been a leader in the number one financial provider in many countries with a global reputation. Today, this bank has roots in North, Latin and Central America, as well as Asia-Pacific. They value putting their customers first, enhancing leadership, organisation, being digital-friendly and having a deeper customer relationship.

Their aim is to create opportunities for everyone as they provide advice, wealth management services and many different packages for different clients and needs. They have raised many career opportunities. In 2012, it was registered that they generated revenue of USD26,730,000.

Onex Corporation

Founded in 1984, they are a relatively new financial services company in the market considering their new foundation, but that doesn’t take their earned trust from being on this list. They have through the years acquired many capital investors around the world that with Onex have funded many banks and insurance companies. They started with a staff of three people and had improved so much that in 2012 it was ranked the second-best management company in Canada.

BMO Nesbitt Burns – Investment

Specialised in wealth management, they offer investment advisors to aid clients in developing their business goals. These expert advisors have won the BMO Nesbitt Burns one of the best-ranked investment companies in the world till this date. Their attention to their clients’ needs and desires and being willing to make custom strategy plans for every and each customer is what has brought them this far.

Scotia Capital

Scotia Capital, a different branch of the Scotia Bank, is a sector that offers advisory and investment to many other companies needing assistance with communication, technology, business, market strategies, negotiation, wealth management and so on.  Their headquarters are in Toronto, Canada and they are one of the top Financial Services Companies in that country.

National Bank Financial & Co.

Also, one of the top investment and financial services companies in Canada, this time in Montreal, the National Bank Financial & Corporation. They offer investment advice with strategic plans for success and money management and organisation both for individual clients or big corporations.

Canaccord Genuity

Canaccord is a company that provides wealth management to many regions of the planet, including Australia, United Kingdom and obviously, Canada. Their logo is: “To us, there are no foreign languages”. Their focus is to act as a service investment bank to aid growing global companies.

Great-West Lifeco – Management

Great-West Lifeco acts internationally offering financial services. Not only that, their differential is their branching to life & health insurance, retirement and asset management. They have operations in Canada, United States and many countries in Europe. They own many companies including “London Life”, “Canada Life” and “Irish Life”, among others.

The Canadian financial services sector is undergoing a significant transformation with banks switching roles from depository units to advanced financial institutions which can help you manage and grow your wealth. It will be interesting to see how mobile and computer can help the Canadian industries compete with the world.

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