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Financial Service Companies in Turkey

Financial technologies or Fintech companies have recently emerged which is the incorporation of technology in the financial field to compete effectively in the ever-changing and versatile market. These technology innovations will help enhance financial services in the traditional financial institutions and to make the facts and figures more clear and accessible. Looking for Good financial services providers in Turkey, check these out;

1) Bigpara

It is an opening to the investment and finance world for investors. It focuses on global and regional stocks equally and provides the investors with a clear picture about the current situation of the stock market. This enables the investors to make wise and accurate decisions while investing. Being an accurate and efficient system, Bigpara updates its information second by second according to the changing and dynamic market conditions. Therefore, it is considered to be a very reliable source of stock market values. Bigpara not only deals with exchange but also includes bitcoin, forex trading and credit.

2) Provus

Provus was started in 2008 and it provides its services to about 59 national and international customers. Its services includes card personalization, printing and enveloping to ATM services, bank cards and point of sales. With these services, Provus has created its name and fame among the competitive financial technology institutions. The services provided by Provus are unique in nature and very appealing to the customers.

3) Cardtek

Established in 2001, Cardtek provides its services to about 150 customers in 25 countries. It is a mobile industry in its initial periods of development. The services include payment methods for financial institutions, telecommunication companies, retailers and card vendors.  The services provided by Cardtek have made transfer of payments easy and hassle- free for the customers and therefore the step is being appreciated worldwide.

4) Papara

It is an e-money and payment mode which was established in 2015. It provides the customers with the facility of money transfer 24 hours a week and also is a platform to shop online, play games and load balance.

5) FIT solutions

FIT solutions is one of the most leading electronic transaction companies operating in Turkey. About 60% of the electronic invoicing in Turkey is handled by FIT solutions. The company excels in the provision of e-tickets, e- invoices, e- signatures, e- archives and e- books.

6) Parasut

An Istanbul- based venture, Parasut develops software-as-a-service and provides a method for invoice management to help small and medium sized enterprises. Created in 2013, the company is the first one to collaborate with Turkey’s Silicon Valley.

7) Apsiyon

It is a unique software-as-a-service institution which provides a software package to be utilized by customers at professional, residential and commercial property management levels. It provides the services of management of property, accounting, financing, and payment services.

8) Ininal

Ininal was founded in 2012 and provides financial services to those who are either underbanked or unbanked. They accomplish this aim with the support of retail networks physically and technology. By employing these methods they provide their customers with an opportunity to shop online and offline. Recently, they have introduced their system at point of sales too. Ininal helps in facilitating those people who otherwise cannot afford to avail such services.

9) BKM Express

It is the first national digital wallet which operates worldwide and enables the customers to transfer money and pay for the products that they have bought. BKM Express was started in 2012 by Interbank Card Center. The main features of BKM Express is that it is easy to use and does not require the customer to enter details for every transaction, it is safe because the BKM card number is not entered completely and therefore, chances of theft are minimized, and, it does not require a registration fee.  These three qualities of being safe, easy and free and its customer facilitation services differentiate BKM Express from its rival companies and therefore has become a choice of payment for thousands of people.


Started in 2001, is the first platform for sales and insurance comparisons in Turkey. It not only provides insurance quote for renters but also accommodates online health, automobile and homeowner quotes too. The basic functions that performs are:

  • It gets the user a very quick quote within a time period of 2-4 minutes.
  • It provides the customers with an online and over the phone response system to entertain their queries.
  • Helps to customers in purchasing their insurance policies using any mode of communication from any location.
  • It gives the policies at a reasonable price and further reductions at the time of renewal.

With the use of technology and mobility Turkey has improved its financial condition. I would have my finger crossed if I need to bet on some dark horse, then turkey would be my pick.

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