Fiber Access Terminal Box FAT Designed for Best FTTH Routing

Some innovative systems ensure foolproof smooth and organized fiber routing and protection for FTTH applications. Over the decade several manufacturers worldwide have brought out their new tools for ensuring overhead aerial FTTH deployments. However, only a few manufacturers can supply the most updated system due to their high levels of research and laboratory testing facilities. The Fiber access terminal box FAT is a device that is used for fiber cabling and cable management in FTTH applications. The product should be of high quality and tested under rigid conditions so that consumers can get an uninterrupted network service. Again, there is a range of assortments including fiber drop cables, clamps, etc, that together make the whole system work efficiently and under varied and extreme temperatures without failure. 

Among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of such high-graded quality products is Jera from China with years of expertise and skilled workforce and a state-of-the-art factory to cater to the worldwide market. The company has a steady and expanding customer base in all the parts and accessories necessary for an efficient networking system. You may find their prices lower than the competition and their FTTH outdoor fiber optic nap box is mandatory to make the networking perfect. 

Fiber Access Terminal Functions and Features

The Jera brand of Fiber access terminal FAT-8M has received very good acceptance in the competitive international market due to its high quality. The FAT-8M is known as a Pre-Terminal or Connectorized Quick ODN Box. It is a type of fiber terminal box used for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) or fiber-to-the-building (FTTB) applications. 

The above product FAT-8M is designed to perfection and can protect and connect fiber optic cables and equipment in varied outdoor environments. There are only a few companies internationally that can manufacture the product including clamps for FTTH of high quality at such competitive prices. It is noteworthy that the drop cable clamps and terminal boxes and the rest of the assortment can be purchased from a single point without the need for ordering from different suppliers. 

You will find a fiber termination box with a feeding cable of Bayonet type. The drop cable is 8+1 of Bayonet type and Mar splicing capacity at 2. The Adapter SC type is 10+1 Bayonet type. 

The whole construction is compact with high-density fiber capacity and is easy to install and maintain. The performances of each of these products that are rolled out of Jera Line China Factory are highly efficient and smooth. 

More Information on Fiber Optic Cables for FTTH

Two types of network configurations enable the deployment of fiber optic cables to the end subscriber. These are PON and the Ethernet. In the case of PON technology, optical cables leave the PoP and are routed to a point known as ‘Concentration Point’ near to the subscriber’s premises. At this juncture called ‘Concentration Point’, a splitter is issued to share the bandwidth that is contained in a single fiber. Here, a single PON is made accessible for all premises that are to be connected. 

In the case of an Ethernet connection, fiber optic leaving the PoP is directly routed to the subscriber’s premise. It is often known as Point-to-Point or P2P. It is also the simplest form of routing. It also ensures high-speed data by operators and ISPs. 

However, the most efficient performance is guaranteed with Jera FAT hardened type enclosures for devices such that the whole system remains error-free and foolproof.  As stated above, you can place a query on their official site to get more information and can place an order for the complete terminal box, optic cables, etc, and get them shipped to the nearest point anywhere in the world. 

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