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Fascinating Facts About WordPress Web Development


We can proudly say that WordPress is the most used content management system and blogging platform in the world. For building a website crafted with SQL and PHP, one can use WordPress as it is free to use and easy to customize. But there are few facts that not everyone knew about. 

Like a common man, you might have observed the peace of a huge ship. But not everyone is known to the fact how complicated that machine is. How it is pumped out and gnawing to carry the ship from one location to another without any barrier and seamlessly. Considering this fact you can say that website is just like a ship that needs so much effort to persist on the worldwide web but is unknown to the audiences. 

Web Development is the process of the constant growth of an online business where you have a huge chance of getting more clients with few clicks. In this article, you will find a list of some interesting facts about CMS. Knowing the fact without any doubt you can conclude that CMS is the king of the CMS platform. 

People who are willing to create a website with WordPress should check out these interesting facts

WordPress is being used by top countries and viewed by millions of users

WordPress is open source that means a person having zero budget can also install WordPress without paying even a single dollar. Thus, more than 66 million websites have been created with WordPress. On daily basis, more than 18000 downloads are done. The most famous companies which use WordPress to manage their online businesses are CNN, Forbes, and TechCrunch. Plus WordPress is the most important part of the most used website in development. Even Facebook Newsroom is created with the WordPress platform.

Different languages are supported by WordPress

To communicate with people all around the world, English is considered the most well-known and most used language. Nowadays in WordPress language is not a problem as it now supports multilingual languages that can be used to target people from all around the world. now WordPress supports a translation feature that offers support for 73 different languages including German, Hebrew, Croatian, Spanish, Japanese, Slovenian, Russian, English, Indonesian, Swedish, Dutch, Romanian, Slovak, Macedonian, Norwegian, Scottish Gaelic, Italian, and among others. 

More than 25% of websites are powered with WordPress throughout the world

Globally, WordPress has become the most used CMS. It has been noticed that more than 17 blogs have been posted per second. This means on daily basis, more than thousands of blogs are being posted on WordPress. It is also noticed that on Google more than 30,000,000 visitors are searching for terms related to WordPress. 

It’s worthy to use Add-Ons

Your vehicle will work efficiently and give high performance if you add oil to it. Similarly, if you add plugins to your WordPress website, it will enhance your website’s appearance, presence, and functionality. Do you know approx 285,000,0000 million times WordPress plugins are being downloaded? 

Same as plugins, WordPress free templates play an important role in getting the appearance of your business as per your requirements. it is said that more than 123,498,018 free themes were downloaded from in 2014.

WordPress is more than just blogging

In the beginning, it was started as an efficient blogging platform, but it has ended up as a great platform for creating an online presence on the web. WordPress can be used to create a simple startup website, eCommerce website, newspaper website, magazine, blog, and among others. 


Isn’t the facts sufficient to conclude that WordPress is the king of content management system? 

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