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4 Extremely Useful Blogging Tools to Rank Number One On Google


Blogging became extremely popular nearly two decades ago, but still, it remains a good source of income. Many people launch their blogs in the expectation of extensive popularity or sustainable money flow. No doubt, there are more reasons why people are interested in transmitting their ideas to others through the web, but we’re going to stop on these two. Both of these reasons root to the need for an SEO and boosting of traffic itself. What are these essential tools which will help to go first rank in 2020? Let’s focus on some of them.


This one is quite a useful tool which makes your posts “bold and clear.” As Google continues to favour user-friendly content, your writings play a significant role in the blog’s success. Checking your author’s style it highlights the areas which are difficult to read. Basically, there are five colours: yellow, red, purple, blue, and green. They are starting from the hardest to perceive and ending up by the text for a general audience. 

Your blog is nothing else than your product, and it’s commerce because you are “selling” your posts to readers. What is crucial to know about them? The answer is – their language. How do they talk? What slangs do they use? Having analyzed all of these elements, you are ready to create content which accommodates your audience. 

If you are still not sure about how to define some linguistic peculiarities of your target audience, feel free to order additional check at essay writing service, because there is a possibility to specify style and audience for whom you are creating content. 

Google values well-written pieces, free of grammar mistakes and typos. As a result, when your message is concise, Google is “satisfied” as well as your target audience is reached. 


This one could be effective for those platforms which are already quite popular. Despite a reasonable price per year, it offers a wide range of SEO tools for bloggers. 

Working with textual content begins from keywords research. The selection of proper phrases and words is a must for SEO success. This is a necessary step to know whether there is anyone ready to read your future post. Traffic begins to grow when content is ranked first by a variety of popular search queries.

With its Keyword Explorer, one can look for the most competitive keywords in the niche. It has never been easier to find the needed word combinations through their density and search volume. Using filters, a blogger may find those phrases which are not currently disclosed at their best. 

What’s more, this tool offers a great extension, which is called Content Gap. This one helps to find the keywords which the competitors rank for. Paste the websites you want to analyze and add your blog. Its algorithm will analyze all the data in a couple of minutes and list the needed metrics. 

Google Trends

Yes, it is not losing its popularity. Whenever you are looking for hot news about celebs or can’t decide on what pie recipe to post, this tool will definitely be your best choice.

If you are eager to find a tool that will provide you with in-depth analytics on current searches, this one can make a deal.    

So, how to assess the dynamics of search results using Google Trends?

When you are planning an advertising campaign for your blog, you must take into account the rise and fall in demand in order to decide on the right strategy and budget.

Google Trends is used to measure the effects of brand campaigns since the service can process information faster than any other tool. Narrow down your results by adding some filters like the needed location and date. Look at the diagram and see whether your search query has sustainable popularity. 

It’s essential to understand how Google Trends estimates the results: it represents only approximations. Google algorithms determine the point on the graph for the selected period when the request was most popular and takes it for 100 percent. All other points on the graph are determined as a percentage of the maximum.


It is no secret Google is user-oriented, and user likes multimedia content. Besides adding YouTube videos to your posts, think about creation of some original pictures in Canva. 

Everyone knows about free image resources such as Unplash or GettyImages, but not everyone wants to spend time making pictures on their own. Of course, it would be good if you have a professional camera, and your blog is full of bright self-taken pictures. Nevertheless, you can make a great one in this graphic editor. 

What’s more, this tool is quite intuitive, and you don’t need any background knowledge of design to use it. It will help you elaborate your unique style and make your blog look concise. 

Wrapping up

All in all, being consistent in your traffic strategy means a lot. Even if you don’t see any changes at a glance, they are surely round the corner, and the only thing you can do is to proceed. Do not worry if your results are less than amazing because everyone starts from a different point. With these four handy tools, you will master blogging and reach thousands or even millions of readers. And remember, you should not give up your strategy, once a good result is achieved. Proceed with it, and your blog’s global success will be forthcoming. 

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