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Fact.MR Projects that the Computer Aided Dispatch Market will garner revenue of US$ 3.8 Bn by 2028

Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Market

Cloud-based and Virtualized Servers Revolutionizing Computer Aided Dispatch Market

In emergency communications structure, the computer aided dispatch system, commonly known as CAD system, is functioning as an informational nerve center for the Public Safety Access Point (PSAP). PSAP is responsible in the United States and Canada for answering priority calls to an emergency telephone number for several hospitals, police and the firefighting department. While the burgeoning technological investments continues to impact consumers worldwide, it has established several public safety systems, such as computer aided dispatch systems, to meet the demands for faster and improved emergency responses. Driven by advancements in consumer technology over the years, computer aided dispatch systems have undergone their own progression. Over the years, computer aided dispatch systems were specific to a single bureau or company but in the present situation, computer aided dispatch systems have evolved into various agency unified platforms that enable information sharing and offer much flexibility.

Several agencies today have the benefit of selecting a personal cloud model that is purchased and operated by the agency in partnership with a network operations center (NOC) or data center, or a different public model in which cloud space is leased from a third-party operator such as Google, IBM or Amazon. Server systems have been around for years and continue to dominate the market. However, the newest cloud-based implementation for the computer aided dispatch market offers several software capabilities in addition to virtualization, offsite data backup and disaster recovery techniques. Such a computer aided dispatch system is connected to multiple internal and external databases. Computer aided dispatch for browser-based remote access; and text integrated computer aided dispatch systems are also being used. The computer aided dispatch systems of today can integrate with several different solutions that are already in place within an agency including record management systems, emergency medical dispatch software, mobile data applications and geographic information systems. Computer aided dispatch systems will continue to advance with the hike in network speeds and the global internet reducing price. With the ability to share rich data including videos and images, integrate several consumer wearable devices, incorporate live video feeds and even pair with drone technologies, computer aided dispatch systems will increase in the global commerce.

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Organizations Engaging in Inorganic Development

It has been observed that in the recent past some of the computer aided dispatch solution providers have been engaging in inorganic developments such as partnerships and acquisitions. For instance, in 2017, Tyler Technologies acquired “Modrida”, which specializes in dispute resolution. With such an acquisition, Tyler Technologies is expected to boost its courts and justice solutions. During the same year, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure established a partnership with RapidSOS for the purpose of enabling 911 centers to track accurate location of smartphones.  In 2017, TriTech also partnered with RapidSOS to enable the companies in integrating their solutions and thus, providing accurate location of smartphones to their clients. In 2016, Motorola Solutions Incorporated acquired Spillman Technologies Inc. According to Bruce Brda, senior executive Vice-President of Motorola Solutions, the company has targeted this acquisition to expand its smart public safety portfolio and provide enterprises with a suite of solutions for the command center from call processing equipment to computer aided dispatch from RMS to LMR and Long Tem Evolution (LTE) dispatching.

Asia Pacific to Spectate Immense Growth in Computer Aided Dispatch Market

The Asia Pacific region is expected to gain major allocation in the computer aided dispatch market during the forecast period due to an increase in the demand for enhanced control and command centers. The involvement of the government is decisive for investments in the computer aided dispatch market. The computer aided dispatch market is appreciating technological advancements with the implementation of several Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) and Geographic Information System (GIS) integration. The growing focus on developing smart cities and swift transportation systems has increased the usage of computer aided dispatch systems, which will eventually assist in the general public safety and ensure up-to-the-minute dispatch of units across various sectors. Among the Asia Pacific countries, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, South Korea, and Australia have good prospects for the computer aided dispatch market.

SME’s to Exhibit Contribution in Computer Aided Dispatch Market

Small and medium sized enterprises (SME) due to the increasing market competition are prompted to invest in computer aided dispatch softwares. As opposed to large enterprises, small and medium sized enterprises have budget restraints and face robust competition from their competitors. Computer aided dispatch solutions provide interests of on-time event chat, a configurable workflow and flexibility to small and medium sized enterprises.  Further, computer aided dispatch offers easy-to-use reporting features that provide the companies with some deep insights into their operational work, and provide more intelligence for response planning. The major dealers in the computer aided dispatch market include Avtec Incorporated, Caliber Public Safety, Zeltron Incorporated, TriTech Software Systems, Spillman Technologies, Incorporated, Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure, Priority Dispatch Corp, Tyler Technologies Incorporated, Southern Software Incorporated and Cody System.

Surge of Command Centers in Healthcare to Uplift the Computer Aided Dispatch Market

Command Centers running with computer aided dispatch software are a commonplace in several industries such as military, aviation, space, government and broadcast entertainment. Computer aided dispatch software have become a rarity within the healthcare industry. Computer aided dispatch units are responsible for the input and recovery of crucial information to protect the lives of citizens. Dispatchers most commonly operate under stressful crisis conditions, hence several companies have come up with complete command line supported computer aided dispatch systems with full external mouse functionality and a complete set of data masks and functional keys that allows every dispatcher to choose the method to be used to operate the computer aided dispatch system. Moreover, almost unlimited screen real estate and monitor configuration provided by the computer aided dispatch systems, compatibility with Windows XP/Vista/7,8 and 10, and automated look-up system for accessing inner-departmental data. Such factors are preparing the healthcare sector to implement computer aided dispatch systems to coordinate the care of several patients.

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