Face Wash Fox: Pioneering a New Era in Skincare Industry in Vietnam

Face Wash Fox: Pioneering a New Era in Skincare Industry in Vietnam

HANOI, VIETNAM – Dec 15th 2023 – Face Wash Fox proudly announces the launch of the first-ever Facial Washing service chain in Vietnam, setting a new standard in skincare with its innovative and accessible approach to achieving beautiful skin.

Face Wash Fox is not just a skincare solution; it’s a hi-tech skincare model designed for everyone. Born out of a commitment to simplifying facial skincare, Face Wash Fox combines hydra facial technology with an optimized skincare process to make achieving radiant and beautiful skin easier than ever before.

At the core of Face Wash Fox’s philosophy is the belief that beautiful skin should not be a complex and expensive endeavor. The brand simplifies the journey to radiant skin with a straightforward mantra: “BEAUTIFUL SKIN STARTS FROM FACE WASH.”

Highlights of Face Wash Fox services:

  1. Technology Application: Face Wash Fox leverages cutting-edge hydra facial technology, ensuring a comprehensive and effective facial washing experience for all customers.
  2. Transparent Cost: Transparency is at the heart of Face Wash Fox. The brand is committed to providing clear and upfront pricing, eliminating hidden costs for a straightforward skincare solution.
  3. Saving Cost & Time: Face Wash Fox understands the value of time and money. With efficient processes and cost-effective solutions, customers can achieve beautiful skin without breaking the bank or spending hours on skincare routines.
  4. Fit for Everyone: Face Wash Fox is inclusive and caters to all skin types and ages. The brand’s approach ensures that everyone can benefit from a personalized and effective skincare regimen.
  5. Focus on Core Service – Facial Wash: Specializing in facial wash services, Face Wash Fox concentrates its efforts on delivering exceptional results in the crucial step of skincare—facial cleansing.
  6. High-end cosmetics and strict testing process. Face Wash Fox partnership with supplier of Korean major cosmetic brand Derma Elravie to regulate quantitative and specialized products with Korean standard skin care technology.

Face Wash Fox is poised for rapid expansion, with a vision to raise up to 50 million USD on investment to extend its network to 1000 stores within the next two years. The brand’s commitment to making beautiful skin accessible to all aligns with its ambitious goal of becoming the go-to destination for facial cleansing in Vietnam.

“We are thrilled to introduce Face Wash Fox to Vietnam, offering a revolutionary approach to skincare that prioritizes simplicity, accessibility, and effectiveness. Our vision is to empower individuals to achieve beautiful skin effortlessly, starting with the foundational step of facial washing,” said Anthony, Marketing Manager at Face Wash Fox.

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About Face Wash Fox:

Face Wash Fox is a pioneering skincare brand that introduces the first Facial Washing chain in Vietnam. With a commitment to simplicity, transparency, and accessibility, Face Wash Fox combines hydra facial technology with an optimized skincare process, making beautiful skin achievable for everyone. Face Wash Fox aims to raise up to 50 million USD to expand its network to 1000 stores within the next two years, serving millions of customers with easy access and professional facial care.

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