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Exploring Digital Marketing Strategies for Painting Business

Painting companies face the dilemma of getting new clients for their business. These companies don’t exactly have an idea of the best strategies that will work for them and the audience they want to target.

We will walk you through the best Digital marketing strategies for your painting business that will help to fetch new clients.

Whether you’re the owner of a painting business, a partner in one, or a one-person show, everyone can benefit from these digital marketing strategies.

1. Google My Business listing

Google My Business listing appears at the top of search results when people search for your painting business online. You need to make sure that all of the business information like address, and contact no is correct. You should monitor your Google My Business profile on a weekly basis to check for new reviews and responses.

2. Your company Website

You need to build a basic website that should have your logo, contact information, areas of service, services offered, social media page links, and reviews from happy clients. You should include information like business address, contact information, relevant keywords, and other important terms about your services to ensure your website gets found online.

3. Social Media Marketing

Painting companies can create simple content that creates high engagement and brand awareness, ultimately bringing you more business. Social media marketing is a proven strategy to get more clients for your painting business.

Social media profiles play a huge role in your overall digital marketing strategy for your painting business. You can choose which platforms will work best for you and focus all of your marketing efforts on that platform.

You can consider Instagram as a way to showcase your latest jobs and happy clients since it’s an image-based platform.

4. Online advertisements

Painting companies can run online advertisements on Google or on Facebook & Instagram. You will surely get a lot of clients from ads as your target market spends a lot of time online.

5. E-mail Marketing

Promoting special offers through email marketing will help to get repeat business and referrals. You won’t need to send out each mail individually. E-mail software will send emails to your clients automatically.

6. Blogging

Blogging may seem like a strategy that’s unsuitable for a painting business. Painting companies can educate readers on topics related to painting to gain their trust. Some options for creating blogs are teaching about best painting techniques, homeowner painting mistakes, or any other topics related to painting.

7. Referral program

A referral program will help you to bring in new clients who’ve already heard about your awesome services. You should set up a referral program where existing customers can spread the word about your business. Both sides should get rewarded after every successful referral.

8. Content Marketing

Painting companies can establish themselves as an authoritative voice in the industry through content marketing. Companies can do this by writing articles and online press releases, creating educational videos and podcasts, and publishing them on different media channels. Your company’s goal should be to share valuable information with your readers and encourage them to get more information about your painting business.

9. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a powerful Digital marketing strategy to generate more traffic for your painting company website. It would take a long time for your website to be discovered on Google without a strong SEO Strategy. You should include highly searched keywords in your website content so that it could rank higher in search engines.

You can maximize your website’s visibility, and consumers will take an interest in your company if you rank higher on Google.


Marketing your painting business isn’t complicated. But you need to frame a proper strategy for it. Your marketing strategy will be influenced by your target market, your budget, and your resources. You should consider which of the marketing ideas are the best fit for your painting business so that you can create a marketing plan that helps your business to grow and thrive.

You will be able to achieve your business goals and elevate your company to success by utilizing these digital marketing strategies for your painting business.

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