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Experts shared how to open a The5ers account

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Nowadays funded trading is becoming popular. There are plenty of prop trading firms which offer trading on their funded accounts. The5ers is one of them. Opening a The5ers account is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few simple steps. The prop firm offers a challenge program for traders to showcase their skills and potentially earn funding for their trading activities. In their article TU experts shared important information for those who want to open a The5ers account.

If would like to open your The5ers account, you can do this by following these simple steps:

  1. Choose a funding option (three programs are available)
  2. Click on the signup option
  3. Read the rules, choose the quantity and click Sign up
  4. Create your account
  5. Choose a payment method
  6. After payment confirmation, the account details will be sent to your email address
  7. Sign in using the account details and start trading

How do I become a funded trader?

The5ers is a proprietary trading firm that provides funding to traders who prove their advanced trading skills and strategies. Trading with The5ers can offer an array of benefits, including access to funding, low trading fees, and a supportive community of traders. Becoming a funded trader with The5ers can be a great opportunity for traders who want to take their trading to the next level without risking their capital.

  • To become a funded trader with The5ers, you must pass their evaluation process, by demonstrating consistent profits over a certain period and following their risk management rules.
  • You must sign up on the app to become a funded trader.
  • There are different types of programs, and you can choose one and proceed with it.

The5ers has strict trading rules that funded traders must follow to maintain their accounts. These rules promote responsible trading and help traders manage their risk effectively. TU experts explained the trading rules that all traders must follow while trading with The5ers:

  • Maximum position size. The maximum position size for all trades will vary depending on their chosen account type.
  • Stop-out. Maintain the stop-out range in your account to prevent unwanted risks. The stop-out range in the account will ultimately depend on your chosen account.
  • Maximum drawdown: The maximum allowed drawdown for the account is 5%. If the account balance reaches a drawdown of 5%, the account will be suspended until the trader is able to reduce the drawdown.
  • Trading hours. Trading with The5ers is only allowed during specified trading hours. The trading hours vary depending on the trader’s location and the traded instrument. You can trade 24/7 with The5ers. You can not trade only at times when the website is under maintenance.
  • Trading restrictions. Certain assets may be restricted or prohibited for trading, depending on market conditions and other factors.

If you would like to start trading on The5ers, you must follow all the rules and regulations for opening an account. Before reading the detailed guidelines on opening a The5ers account, you must be familiar with the trading accounts.

Since you will be going for the evaluation plan, it is necessary to understand which plan would suit your requirements the best. Then choose one accordingly. Once you have got familiar with all the plans, you can work on opening the account on The5ers.

TU experts told that opening an account on The5ers is rather easy. However, there are some rules which you must be familiar with before signing up on the platform. In addition, the firm obligates all traders to pass the evaluation to ensure that they meet all the criteria. On the Traders Union website you can also find the detailed instructions for opening an account and also frequently asked questions.

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