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Experts named the best trading education channel on YouTube

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Success in the financial market is not just a coincidence or a lucky break. It is the result of a deep understanding and experience that can only be achieved through training and self-improvement. In trading and investing, every decision you make is important, and mistakes can cost you dearly.

Therefore, before diving into the uncharted waters of the financial market, it is necessary to learn all the subtleties and secrets of Forex. Most of the trading educational materials available on the internet are free. Nonetheless, when it comes to advanced learning, there are charges. For novice traders there are plenty of YouTube channels to learn.

The Traders Union specialists have recently emphasized the finest YouTube trading channels suitable for both novice and seasoned traders in their publication. Once you get familiar with these channels, you can easily make the most out of your trading journey and lead your way through the high-risk Forex trading industry. With the help of the TU article you will find out what is the best trading education channel on YouTube.

Why should you start trading?

One of the main advantages of trading is the possibility of receiving high profitability. If you correctly assess the movement of the currency price and make the right trade, you can get a significant profit. For example, if you buy a stock in a company that is doing well, you can sell it later at a higher price for a profit.

Another advantage of trading is flexibility. Trading allows investors to choose financial instruments and the time they want to spend on investing. Additionally, you can trade at any time, as financial markets operate 24/7. If you work in an office from 9 am to 5 pm, you can trade in the market in the evening or during weekends.

Last but not least, trading has become much easier these days. Making trades is becoming more accessible through online platforms and phone apps. Now you can easily invest money anytime, anywhere.

Best trading educators on YouTube

In their article TU experts published a list of recommended educational channels. YouTube channels recommended by the experts are the following:

  • ForexSignals TV

Since 2014, the hosts of ForexSignals TV have been making videos to make it easy for beginners to understand complex terms by coming up with examples. At first they teach the basics of conducting trade and then move on to more complex strategies. Their educational videos about signals and strategies have worked really well with their viewers.


For the past seven years Tradeciety has been working on educating its viewers and subscribers. The hosts of the channel have a vast amount of experience spanning more than 20 years. They educate viewers on everything from trading signals to trading strategies, ensuring that you learn and make the most of your money.

  • Trader Nick

The host started his YouTube channel, Trader Nick, in the year 2018 and rose to fame instantly. Nick is an expert in Forex trading and aims to impart that knowledge to his viewers and subscribers. He educates viewers on multiple strategies, signals, price actions, etc.


Trading is a great way to make money and gain new experience. Trading is profitable and convenient. Moreover, it has plenty of other advantages. Although trading seems quite simple, there are many aspects you should get familiar with. On the Traders Union website you can find more educational materials, trading education channels, and many other information. More than that, the TU experts analyze the market and publish reviews about various brokers and trading platforms. The experts do their best to educate you before you start trading.

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