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Experts told how to choose a trading app without investments in Malaysia

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Many investors make the mistake of thinking they need much knowledge and a lot of money to begin trading. Luckily, that could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are several brokers that offer contests for traders, no-deposit bonuses, affiliate programs, etc. This makes it possible to begin trading with little to no money out of pocket. However, not all apps are created equal. TU experts told how to choose the best trading app without investments in Malaysia.

Can I make money in trading without investing in Malaysia?

If you are interested in making money without investing, it is certainly possible. TU experts published a list of the best methods of doing that.

  • Forex no-deposit bonuses. One of the best ways to go about making money without investing is by taking advantage of Forex no-deposit bonuses. These are bonuses provided to new users for creating an account. Once you sign up and provide your personal details for verification, you will receive your bonus and may use it to trade. Users should know that these deposits are often minimal, around $30-$50.
  • Broker affiliate programs. Another way to make trades without investing is by joining a broker’s referral program. These programs allow users to make money by referring others to the broker. Every broker has different perks and prices, but broker affiliate programs can let users earn a substantial income.
  • Broker competitions. One less known way to earn money without investing is broker competitions. They allow users to trade using virtual funds and compete for prizes such as trading credits, cash, and more. No matter what the prizes are, if a trader wins, they will likely earn a reward that allows them to invest without using their own money.
  • Funded trading programs Last but not least, funded trading programs are programs that involve using prop firms to provide users access to a Forex funded account. This allows traders to use up to $100K to invest without using their own money. Traders should know that every prop firm has different rules based on its unique risk profile. It is also challenging to gain access to these programs.

Can I start trading without a minimum deposit?

Although many people seem to believe large deposits are required to start trading, this could not be further from the truth. Actually, many brokers require minimum deposits starting anywhere from $1-$10. More than that, there are also a lot of brokers who do not require a deposit at all. These brokers also offer no-deposit bonuses or allow you to participate in a trader’s contest. When dealing with funded trade accounts, investors can raise a lot of profit, but there is usually a plan subscription fee of $50-200.

How to choose a trading app in Malaysia?

If you are wondering about the best criteria for choosing a trading app in Malaysia, you need to focus on the following variables:

  • Safety. One of the first things you should focus on is the level of safety of the platform. No matter how much money you would like to make, the level of safety plays a crucial role in how effective the platform is. 
  • Security. Another important aspect to be aware of is security. No matter what the platform is offering, it means nothing if you do not trust the platform you are using.
  • Ease of use. You should also focus on ease of use. This is especially true if you have just started trading. Some platforms can be very complex and can take too much time and effort to learn when you are just beginning to trade.


To sum up, trading without investing in Malaysia is possible. Various platforms offer no-deposit bonuses and trading contests. There are also funded trading programs which allow traders to earn profit without risking their own funds. However, prop firms charge fees which can be unaffordable for beginners. More than that, prop firms have profit targets and take from 10% to 50% of traders’ profit.

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