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Experts published a QUOTEX customer service review

Experts published a QUOTEX customer service review

QUOTEX is a well-known broker, whose services are famous all around the world. In their article, the experts at Traders Union have provided a detailed analysis of QUOTEX’s customer service. The analysts delved into the customer service channels, response time, and feedback. From the review traders can learn more about the QUOTEX customer service.

Pros and cons of QUOTEX customer service


  • The broker offers 24/7 customer support
  • Customer service operators can respond in more than 15 languages
  • Quick response times for tickets submitted through the Personal Account
  • Detailed FAQ section on the website
  • The representatives are known for being knowledgeable and helpful


  • Live chat is not available on the website or personal account
  • QUOTEX cannot be contacted by phone
  • Email replies may take up to one working day
  • Communication with unregistered users is via email

The channels for communication with QUOTEX Support

  1. Ticket support. The broker provides a ticket support system within the platform, allowing users to submit their queries and concerns directly from their personal account. This feature on the website ensures quick response times and enables users to track the progress of their inquiry.
  2. Email support. Users can also contact QUOTEX’s customer support team via email. This option is suitable for those who prefer more formal communication or for those who have complex queries that cannot be easily resolved through the ticket support system.
  3. Mail address. For more significant issues or corporate inquiries, users can contact QUOTEX at the mail address provided on their website. You can find the broker’s mail address on its website or the Traders Union website. Remember that responses from customer support are most likely to come via email or phone call.
  4. Social media networks. QUOTEX maintains an active presence on various social media networks, such as Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and Twitter. Users can follow or message QUOTEX on its official profiles for updates, announcements, and support inquiries.

Unfortunately, QUOTEX does not offer live chat or phone support at this time. However, the channels mentioned above provide users with ways to get in touch with their customer service team. 

Comparison of QUOTEX Customer Service and offers from other brokers

To compare with other brokers, Quotes does not offer the best customer support. In their review Traders Union experts compared customer support on QUOTEX and two other platforms: IQCent and Raceoption. 

A big advantage of all these brokers is that their customer support service is available 24/7. On all three platforms traders can reach out to customer support via social networks and email. 

The difference between QUOTEX and other two brokers is in availability of support via phone and live chat. IQCent and Raceoption offer customer support via phone and in a live chat. On QUOTEX there is no such option available. 

From the three platforms stated above, IQCent offers the best customer support. There are all possible options available. Users can contact IQCent via live chat, social networks, email, and phone. The service is available 24/7.

The worst customer support service is on Raceoption. Although the support is available via all possible channels, the quality of customer support on Raceoption is not good. That is why feedbacks about it are negative.

According to Traders Union, QUOTEX’s customer support is satisfying but not perfect. Although some channels are unavailable (live chat and phone call), the quality of QUOTEX’s customer support is good and reviews are positive. To contact QUOTEX’s customer support, you can use the contact details on the Traders Union website. On the TU website you can also check reviews about QUOTEX and other various brokers. No fraudulent reviews are published there. 


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