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Experts answered the question “Can I become a funded trader” for novice users

How to Become a Funded Trader

A funded trader is provided with capital by a trading firm to execute trades on the market, sharing profits with the firm based on predefined conditions. 

Traders Union explores what it means to be a funded trader, discusses the pros and cons of funded trading accounts, outlines the steps to becoming one, and offers valuable insights on choosing the best one. Also TU experts answered the question “Can I become a funded trader” for novice users.

Who is a Funded Trader?

A funded trader is an individual who receives capital from a prop firm to trade in the financial markets.

Funded trading accounts allow traders to showcase their abilities and profit while minimizing risk significantly.

Pros and Cons of Funded Trading Accounts

Like any trading endeavor, funded trading accounts have their advantages and disadvantages. Traders Union helps you understand these factors to decide whether pursuing a funded trading account is the right choice.


  1. Access to substantial capital: Funded traders can access large trading capital they might not have had otherwise, allowing them to maximize profit potential.
  2. Reduced personal risk: With a funded account, traders assume less personal risk as they trade with the firm’s capital rather than their own.
  3. Performance evaluation: Funded trading accounts typically have predefined performance metrics, which allow traders to assess and improve their skills.
  4. Profit-sharing opportunities: Funded traders can share a portion of their profits with the trading firm, but they also have the opportunity to earn a significant portion for themselves.


  1. Strict performance criteria: Funded trading accounts often come with predefined rules and targets that traders must meet to maintain their funding.
  2. Profit-sharing arrangement: While profit-sharing can be lucrative, traders must allocate some of their profits to the trading firm.
  3. Psychological pressure: Trading with someone else’s capital can be stressful and may impact decision-making processes.
  4. Limited control: Funded traders must adhere to the trading rules and risk management guidelines set by the trading firm.

Steps to Become a Funded Trader

If you still have a question, “Can I become a funded trader”, Traders Union offers a step-by-step guide on how you can accomplish it:

  1. Educate Yourself: Develop a solid understanding of trading concepts, strategies, and risk management principles through self-study, courses, or mentorship programs.
  2. Build a Track Record: Practice trading and build a track record of consistent profitability over a considerable period. It can be done through a demo account or a personal trading account.
  3. Choose a Funded Trading Program: Research and select a reputable funded trading program that aligns with your trading goals and offers favorable terms and conditions.
  4. Pass the Evaluation: Once you have chosen a funded trading program, you must undergo an evaluation phase where you showcase your trading skills and meet specific performance targets.
  5. Trade with Funding: Upon successfully passing the evaluation, you will receive access to the trading firm’s capital, allowing you to trade with larger position sizes.

Best Funded Trading Accounts

Traders Union has identified several reputable funded trading accounts that are available. These platforms stand out in terms of their popularity and positive feedback from traders:

  1. SurgeTrader offers a comprehensive funded trading program with competitive profit splits, flexible risk management rules, and a wide range of tradable instruments.
  2. Topstep provides a well-established funded trading program with multiple account options, supportive educational resources, and a performance-based evaluation process.
  3. FMTO is known for its professional trading platform, transparent evaluation process, and attractive profit-sharing arrangements, making it an appealing choice for aspiring funded traders.


Becoming a funded trader can open doors to financial success and offer a unique opportunity to leverage larger trading capital. However, it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons, follow the necessary steps, and choose the right funded trading account that aligns with your goals and trading style, as the Traders Union experts recommended. 

By considering these factors, you’ll be on your way to realizing your aspirations in the dynamic trading world.

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