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Expert Guidance on How to Make it as a Freelance Writer


In 2023, it’s possible to become a well-paid freelancer in most industries, including a content writer with no experience.

It’s wise to grab some tools and practice to become a content writer, especially if you plan to compete with seasoned veterans.

For example, writers must deliver quality output requiring little editing. Therefore, writers must become their own editors to an extent. Some tools will help you get there if editing is not your forte.

In addition, writers must figure out where to obtain gigs. You can market your scribe services on your website through digital marketing and join freelancing platforms where clients want to find writers quickly.

Professional writing has a low barrier of entry. Degrees in English and literature show that you have obtained training in the art. However, a portfolio of pieces shows clients you have the chops to write.

Nonetheless, professionals who haven’t written their first piece can begin this career path or side hustle today.

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process writers take to produce text for the internet. It differs from text written for books, the media, and offline marketing materials. Content writing focuses on search engine optimization, branding, and storytelling and takes several forms, such as:

  • Social media posts
  • Website copy
  • Video scripts
  • Copywriting
  • Email campaigns

The following are some tips on how to start content writing like a pro.

Assess Your Experience

Before you enter the content writing marketplace, assess your experience. Some individuals have a knack for the field – poetry flows through the veins and onto paper without excessive effort.

It takes several drafts for other scribes to create satisfactory pieces.

Some clients will hire entry-level professionals since they plan to mold them. Thus, the clients will provide training.

Other clients expect to hire professionals with experience who will take a content brief and turn it into gold with little oversight. 

Therefore, assess your writing experience and take steps to improve it. Since search engine optimization has become a significant component of writing content, ensure you understand it.

Grab Some Tools

Writers have several tools that will help them produce meaningful content in 2023.

For example, Grammarly helps writers catch grammatical mistakes, and SEO Surfer helps them optimize their pieces. 

Keep a thesaurus handy and become familiar with Google Docs. 

Many tools that writers need to become pros require little to no investment. Grammarly offers a free invoice. However, professionals who need to dig deeper should invest in the premium version.

Pick a Niche

Content writers benefit from becoming well-rounded scribes. It’s essential to nail down solid grammar skills and to develop a voice.

In addition, writers should accept that they cannot become all things to all clients. Instead, writers should pick a niche.

Some professionals will excel at writing social media posts that lead to clicks. Others will thrive as web content writers. 

Picking a niche allows content writers to focus on one skill, such as writing for email campaigns.

After mastering it, branch out into explainer video script writing or blog posts. 

You’ll notice that some clients seek specific skill sets when you start to explore the marketplace. 

Writers who can churn out several public relations pieces will thrive more than those who struggle while wearing several copywriting hats.

Join Freelancing Platforms

Many pros gain their first clients on freelancing platforms. Therefore, join them and start testing the waters.

Freelancing platforms allow independent contractors to find clients and get paid without a significant marketing investment

Plus, the platforms protect your privacy and process payments.

Explore Market Demand

Joining freelancing platforms also helps writers explore market demand. Enter some keywords into the search field and look over the opportunities that pop up.

Exploring market demand also helps professionals set their expectations. Then, writers can make adjustments or keep heading in their desired directions. 

Take a Gig

Some professionals become planning experts. Eventually, everyone has to dive in and take their first gig.

The first gig gives content writers real-world experience in client communication, brief deciphering, and delivering work. It’s the best way to test your skills and the market.

You’ll also negotiate the rate, research the topic, and meet a deadline.


After the first gig, content writers benefit from practicing. Incorporating feedback and taking on more gigs is the best way to practice.

Ideally, writers will adjust according to market demand, or clients will appreciate the writer’s style. 

You can also practice by reading up on the latest content writing trends, such as SEO and digital marketing changes. 


Becoming a content writer with no experience is possible in 2023. Grab some tools and explore market demand if you plan to compete with the pros. Then, take the dive and take a gig so clients can provide feedback. Lastly, incorporate the feedback into future pieces and practice.

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