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The Secret to Sales is Connection–Insights on Business from Quan H. Pham

Business Sales from Quan H. Pham - Julie Harbors

Those who succeed in today’s global marketplace understand you’re only as good as those you surround yourself with. From working part-time in retail during college to today being the VP of Sales for Goldsun, Vietnam, Quan H. Pham knows this well. In this article, we’ve collected some of the most remarkable discoveries in his career journey to inspire others.

Authenticity Wins

Driven by the curiosity of learning about business, Pham began his career while in college in Sydney, Australia. Working in retail, especially in the always busy central business district, was a crash course on cultivating customer relationships. As a part-time footwear sales representative, Pham learned that treating the customer as he would a friend led to interesting conversations and a rapport that felt more friendly than transactional.

No matter whether it was when he was working in such diverse industries as homeware, fashion, and luxury brands, this same attention to insightful listening and solution-seeking brought him continued success. Quan saw his new path emerging and pursued his postgraduate degree in Supply Chain Management and Logistics at the University of Sydney.

Don’t Rush

When the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded globally, Pham returned to Vietnam and began working for Goldsun, a leader in manufacturing and exporting in Asia. Due to his experience abroad, he assisted in one of the company’s most prominent projects with a client from the United States. It taught him the importance of group problem-solving by bridging Western business culture and his Goldsun colleagues. When the Western client expressed a need, Pham could explain how to see and solve the more significant issue to his team rather than seeing only the task at hand. That insight led to building trust externally with the client and internally with Pham’s team.

The key here that Pham emphasizes is to lean on your problem-solving process, especially in multicultural situations. Rushing to complete something simply to be finished and delivered on time may work in the short term, but adapting processes and nurturing the talent beside him to be creative with their sales approach is what leads to long-lasting success.

Believe in Your People

Not every part-time sales representative becomes the VP of Sales. It takes something unique to stand apart from the rest. Pham loves to identify this in his sales team and nurture their growth by allowing them to see projects through to completion, being patient with

their learning curve and empowering them to ask for constructive feedback to improve.

Pham is incredibly proud of the sense of purpose and pride within Goldsun, a Vietnamese company that gives employees who are educated and trained in Vietnam a chance to create a new business vision. Having a team surrounding him equally as focused on results makes each success a team effort.

With these three points in mind, Quan H. Pham has made great strides in his career and hopes they will lead you to similar success.

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