Evolution In Vaping Devices

Vaping has come far from its humble beginnings. Vaping devices are rapidly evolving to provide the ultimate vaping experience.

How Work Vaping Devices?

Before we discuss the evolution of vaping, it is important to understand how these devices operate. The main components of vaping e-liquids and e juice are battery and atomizer/coil.

The battery is an essential component of a vaping device. It sends currents to either the coil or the atomizer. The coil/atomizer functions as a heating device, where the electricity flows and heats the e-liquid. These are the main components of all vaping devices regardless of how advanced they are.

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First Generation (Cig-A-Like)

Hon Lik launched the Ruyan E-cigarette in April 2013. It featured a three-piece configuration: flavor cartridges and an atomizer.

Umer and TariqSjeikh came up with a simpler device to suit the growing vaping market. In 2006, they only made two pieces. This innovation was called the cartomizer. However, it did not use ultrasonic tech like the Ruyan. The cartomizer combines the flavors cartridge and atomizer. Thus the name cartomizer. It was the first e-cigarette that used a cotton-wrapped resistance wire element.

Due to their similar appearance, cigs A-likes the first-generation devices were called. This is also where the electronic cigarette came from. You can find a Cig-alike near the shops that sell cigarettes. These devices are intended to be introductory devices for smokers and serve as a way to try vaping. It comes with either a disposable device or a rechargeable one. The auto-draw feature means that the device only creates vapor when it has been inhaled.

Second Generation

To improve performance in two areas: battery life and atomizer power, the second generation vaping products are larger than Cig A-Likes. These devices, commonly known as Vape Pen, are often used by new vapers. Vape pens are a way to improve the vaping experience and eliminate the drawbacks of cigs. Several features make vape pens unique at this time:

A button is used to turn the battery off and on, as well as for a firing mechanism. Cigs-Alikes don’t come with a button. Instead, they fire automatically when inhaled.

A chip controls the amount of time you can strike the device to prevent it from overheating. In most cases, it won’t fire after 10 seconds.

Another unique feature of the cigsalike was the invention of the clearomizer.

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Clearomizers were an upgrade to cartomizers. Clearomizers make it easy to check the level of your tank’s e-liquid. Clearomizers include a silica diffusion mechanism that allows the liquid to be delivered to the heating coil.

Top Clearomizer is equipped with long wicks at the top that allow you to fully saturate your tank with e-liquid.

Bottom Clearomizers feature shorter wicks on the bottom, which allow for better and more consistent wicking. The user experience was better with the Bottom Clearomizers. You can refill your tank up to the bottom of the tank, unlike top clearomizers that required you to touch the wick.

You had to replace the atomizer every so often, depending on the frequency of use. These coils had resistances ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 Ohms.

Third Generation

Mods, or third-generation vaping devices, are called Mods. Mods stand for modification. This term originated from vapers who modified flashlights into vaping apparatuses. You might be asking, why would you modify a flashlight? These mods aren’t your average science project. Mods, which look similar to vape pens’ cigs, are a more powerful version that allows for customization and greater power. These devices are also known as advanced personal smoking devices. This is because modern technology has been integrated into these devices.

Regulated Versus Unregulated Options

Before we discuss the features of the third-generation devices it’s important to distinguish between regulated and non-regulated mods. Both third-generation devices with unregulated mods and those that have regulated them use subohm coils. Sub-ohm simply means the coil has a resistance of less than 1 Ohm. A sub-ohm coil will produce more vapor, which is why it’s important to use one.

Regulated Mods:

Regulated Mods contain a chip that regulates the electric current as a safety feature. However, even a battery can’t guarantee 100% safety. Regulated Mods are also able to adjust the voltage to increase/decrease power.

Unregulated Mods:

Unregulated mods have no chip to prevent overheating. Unregulated mods are instead limited by the resistance of the coil or the user’s decision. These devices are called mechanical mods. These mechanical mods can pose danger to novice vapers. It is obvious that these devices are not controlled by a chip, so vapers need to exercise caution to prevent explosions. Mech mods are made from metal tubes with an atomizer and a battery.

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