7 Ways RELX Is Changing Vape Technology

Ever since RELX hit the markets in 2018, the experts and scientists at the company have been one-upping all competitors.

That’s what happens when you invest $1.5 million into research and development. With over 170 global patents, this organization now makes a vape like no other.

Let’s jump right in and discuss how the technology in the RELX Classic Device sets them apart.

1) Alpha Technology

Across the world, RELX is providing the premium vape experience while rethinking what a vape can be. You’ll get all the features discussed below, whether you order in the USA, Canada, or from RELX UK.

RELX has wholly redesigned the airway passage in their vape.

The elongated A-shaped airway provides an increase in the overall flavor profile. This lengthening also increases resistance and creates a draw that’s 95% similar to that of a cigarette.

For anyone curious about making the change to vaping, RELX’s Alpha design makes the transition easier and smoother.

2) Vibration Protection

Anyone who has pushed themselves and puffed one too many times has experienced that uncomfortable lightheadedness or nausea.

Luckily, over at RELX, they have devised measures in place to lower nicotine consumption. Once you have inhaled a set amount of nicotine, the smart technology in the device will vibrate, sending you a warning to stop.

RELX wants you to enjoy its product responsibly.

When’s the last time you heard about a vape company going the extra mile for their customers’ health and protection?

3) Unibody Design

Let’s talk design because the RELX Classic is sleek. The aluminum alloy metal casing is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

The RELX vape presents the first unibody design in the industry, carved from a single piece of metal. It fits comfortably in your hand and doesn’t take up too much room in your pocket.

So many vapes are large and clunky—they look like walkie-talkies! But the vaper who appreciates a modicum of discretion will love this compact and simple, modern look.

4) USB-C Is Finally Here

One day the world will agree to make all electronic products USB-C compatible. While Apple is resisting the change, RELX has embraced it!

In just 40 minutes, your device has fully charged. That’s nearly half the time of Juul and other tested competitors.

When the battery decreases below 30%, there’s a red indicator letting you know it’s time to find the nearest charger. Convenient tech is just another way RELX looks out for their vapers.

Thanks to USB-C, you can use your Nintendo Switch charger, computer charger, or more to charge your vape. This cross-device charging compatibility takes convenience to a new level.

5) FEELM 3.0 Ceramic Coils

RELX has opted to use FEELM coils in their vapes, and that’s great news.

The secret of a smooth pull is from FEELM. The coils are responsible for the atomization aspect of vaping, i.e., creating vapor from e-liquid.

FEELM’s coils consist of a ceramic substrate and thin metallic film. Ceramic is porous enough that the e-liquid is completely absorbed into the microscopic holes and creates even distribution for prime vapor creation.

FEELM has also fine-tuned its coils to heat up faster than any other on the market. All these aspects combine to create a smooth and even pull that feels great.

6) Nicotine Salts

RELX proudly sells nicotine salt liquid as its e-liquid.

Nicotine salts are made by using the purest form of nicotine and combining it with benzoic acid. This process reduces harmful chemicals and keeps your vape experience pure.

Nicotine salts are also renowned for their smooth hits and none of that back of the throat pain you find in other e-liquids.

These salts also carry all the flavor of your liquid. For example, your watermelon hit actually tastes like watermelon.

7) Nano Option

One of the coolest devices RELX sells is its Nano Device.

This little guy is all set up and ready to go for you. The Nano is a one-time, disposable device. Featuring around 200 puffs, this is the perfect option for the smoker who is unsure about vaping.

Don’t make any big commitments until you’re ready. But the Nano might change your mind. Its tiny size means it fits easily in your pocket for convenient hits on your time.

The one-time design means if it’s not for you, you haven’t invested too much money or time. Unlike other brands that try to rope you in, RELX gives you room to breathe.


RELX designs its devices for the vaper who demands quality. RELX products are the new gold standard in the industry.

Each pillar of technology RELX has set up is unique and specialized to their brand. You won’t find this exact combination of materials in any other device.

Their technology is innovative, smart, and ready for you today.

RELX officially gets two thumbs up!

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