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Which cruise ship should you reserve for your upcoming voyage if you’re planning one with P&O Cruise Line? In order to provide P&O enthusiasts with some fascinating information, we studied P&O Cruises Ships By Age and Size, from Newest To Oldest. Some of us do so because we are history nerds. To help you select whether you want to stay on a newer P&O Ship or an older one, it’s noteworthy that it’s also great to know not just the P&O Cruise Ships by age. The number of passengers and the P&O ship renovation dates is also provided.  

If you’ve ever wondered what the letters P and O mean, the answer refers to a previous iteration of the cruise line. The Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company was founded in 1822, making them the oldest cruise line still in business. Early commerce excursions tended to travel over the Iberian Peninsula, and an alliance with the Transatlantic Steamship Company led to the addition of a ship named Oriental to the fleet. Although P&O Cruises eventually replaced the original moniker, Azura’s restaurants honor the Peninsular and Oriental components.


P&O Cruises, is one of the most well-liked cruise lines in the world, with a more than 175-year history. This book chronicles P&O Cruises’ history in both words and images. It describes how P&O influenced the development of the British Empire. P&O had a significant role in facilitating immigration to Australia and New Zealand as well as serving as a gateway to the Far East and India with a fleet of liners that made trips to every corner of the world.

This venerable corporation reorganized its services with the invention of jet planes and now offers pleasure cruises. The Oriana and Canberra are two of the most well-known passenger ships that P&O has ever operated during its history of cruising. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, P&O maintained a near monopoly in Australia.

Venues Named 

Over the years, P&O Cruises has operated a number of legendary cruise ships, but it can also take pride in owning the first ship ever constructed entirely of steel. When the company was experiencing rapid growth in 1880, the SS Ravenna was built, and it pioneered the practice of building a superstructure entirely out of metal. The SS Valetta was the first ship to get electric lights soon after. There are other onboard locations named after items from P&O Cruises‘ past in addition to the main eateries on Azura, as we discussed earlier. The two men who founded the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company are honored by two bars that can be found on a variety of ships.

The largest and newest ships in the P&O fleet are Iona and Arvia. offering cutting-edge amenities like a full movie theatre, a three-tier glass Grand Atrium, or the brand-new Conservatory Mini-suite cabins. Iona and Arvia are 344 meters long, have 15 guest decks, accommodate 5200 guests, has 1800 crew members, and weigh 184,700 tonnes.

The Advent Of Leisure Cruising

Despite the fact that P&O Cruises has existed in some capacity for almost 175 years, the corporation didn’t start concentrating on leisure sailing until the early 1900s. Prior to it, mail and cargo were the two main areas of the company’s attention, with passengers making up a modest portion of those areas.  Those who did go on board the ships did so solely to get from one place to another; the first season of “pleasure cruises” didn’t start until 1904. To take advantage of a mode of transportation that was becoming more and more popular, the mail steamer “Rome” was converted into a luxurious yacht and given the new name Vectis.

The recently retired Oriana is well-regarded by many frequent cruisers, and during her tenure with P&O Cruises, a plethora of memories was made on her decks. One of the largest cruise ships in the world when she first set sail in 1995, she was overshadowed even by other ships in her own fleet by the time she departed. She was given the name Oriana in honour of the first Oriana, which operated from 1960 to 1986. Canberra, a legendary ship, gave Canberra the Golden Cockerel award for being P&O Cruises’ fastest ship. Oriana has been renamed “Piano Land” after it has been taken over by the Chinese line Astro Ocean.

Godmother of Cruises

It is a great event to christen a cruise ship, and breaking a bottle of champagne over the bow of a new ship before setting sail is thought to bring good fortune to both the ship and her crew. It goes without saying that having a sponsor for ships is a fantastic PR opportunity as well as a part of nautical history. The Navy used to serve wine from silver goblets, but when the cost of doing so increased, bottles were substituted, and eventually, champagne, as we know it today, took their place.


This is the main brochure pricing for P&O Cruises, which is always offered with every cruise vacation. This price accomplishes exactly what it says it will, allowing you to choose the major components of your vacation with a down payment due at the time of booking. These include selecting your cabin grade and number, as well as your preferred dinner hour and table size. On cruises lasting seven nights or longer, there is also the option of a promotional reward that includes onboard spending, free parking, or UK coach transfers. Additionally, P&O Cruises runs campaigns all year long that, when booked with Seaviews cabins or higher, typically include additional onboard credit in addition to the promotional advantages listed above. Additionally, there are savings.

Guests who have previously traveled with P&O are also eligible for further discounts on specific cruises or at brochure launches. When choosing free parking at Southampton’s cruise ports, CPS (Cruise Parking Services) offers a semi-valet service in which you arrive at the terminal, unload your car, and it is then parked for you. After your cruise is over, take your bags from the terminal and head to the parking lot just across from it. There, pick up your keys from CPS, and they will point you in the direction of your car.



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