How has technology made cruising a lot easier for first-timers?


Technology has positively affected all sectors of our lives, and now it makes its way into bookings and reservations. One industry that has duly benefited from it is the cruise line. It was always a dreaded job when it came to booking tickets for a cruise vacation; however, now with such convenience, it is easier than ever. 

It won’t be wrong to say that technology is converting these floating hotels into smart cities on the sea. 

Dinner cruise in Dubai marina nowadays is coming loaded with several new features and connectivity that is making being at sea feel like a true vacation. 

Although these apps might be a bit confusing at first, once onboard, it does not take long to figure it out. Interactive screens, the cabin TV, and even your wearable bracelets are all connected to one another, making the experience truly immersive and streamlined. 

Benefits of using such technology onboard

Further mentioned in this article are a few ways in which technology has made a life for first-time cruisers easier.

  •  Remote Check-in: 

Embarkation is a rather lengthy and cumbersome process if not done right. Nevertheless, the implementation of technology has significantly simplified the process, even for a first-timer. On a majority of cruise ships nowadays, all documentation, including uploading your photo and receiving boarding information, can be done remotely via online platforms. Along with that, you can also start booking other activities and excursions even before you sail. Such ease of the process has allowed the prevention of long queues for checking-in. 

Prior to this, you could only add so much information about yourself on your boarding pass. But this pre-cruise service has further enabled the passengers to register all details before they board the ship. For instance, things like your food preferences and passport credentials can be worn on your wearable device, and you do not have to carry any excess baggage with you at all times. 

  • Radiofrequency tech: 

Another great advancement when it comes to technology on cruising ships is radiofrequency tech. Veteran cruisers already know how they will carry around their identification cards and room keys; however, not losing it can be troublesome for first-timers. This is where wearable devices and interconnectivity through the Wi-Fi signal on the ship can come in handy. 

Now instead of carrying a bag around with you at all times, you can just upload the information on your wearable device and not have to worry about losing it. You can also use this app to order food, drinks, and retail items on demand. Several cruising companies have invested millions of dollars in building such tech and also offer you similar devices onboard. This further adds to the convenience and reduces the chance of you losing essentials while on the trip. 

Final Thoughts

These are some ways technology has made its way into the cruising culture and only making it better. Rest assured, the days of passengers feeling disconnected from the rest of the world while at sea is no longer a problem. 

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