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Ethereum’s Slip Below $3K Fuels Interest in Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale: Aptos and Stellar Traders Anticipate Surging Returns


Ethereum has broken the $3k level, showing the bearish trend in the crypto market. Despite the news of the launch of the spot ETF of Ethereum in Hong Kong, it was not able to hold the level. Crypto investors have already booked gains from the rally and are now shifting their money to new opportunities. 

Amid the market volatility, Aptos and Stellar traders are pouring their money into the presale of the decentralized e-commerce platform Pushd. In the article, we will discuss the recent price behavior of Aptos and Stellar and the new emerging e-commerce platform Pushd.

Aptos Down More Than 45% in Last April Till Now

In April till now, Aptos took a steep nosedive, dropping over 45%. Meanwhile, big players like Bitcoin and Ether are down 13% and 17.68% respectively. This downturn marks one of the toughest times for APT in the crypto market.

Last week itself its price fell from the high of $14.41 to $7.37; that’s a massive drop of around 48%. Some Aptos investors have already booked the gains from the last rally, and the currently interested investors are looking for other opportunities.

Pushd is a new decentralized marketplace system that some smart crypto experts expect to be a big hit in 2024. It aims to create a decentralized version of online marketplaces by mixing regular online shopping sites with the cool tech of Web3.

Stellar Proceeding for an All-Time Low?

Technically, Stellar’s price action looks very bearish. Last week, Stellar’s price took a hit of 14.29%, taking it from the high of $0.136 to $0.091. It is currently trading at the major support level. Prices in October last year and February this year took support from the same level. If this support level is broken, then the next strong support comes at the $0.075 level. 

All these bearish indications force Stellar investors to look for other investment options. 

With confidence in Stellar’s performance waning, many investors are actively participating in the presale of the company. The presale of Pushd has emerged as an enticing prospect for Stellar investors looking to diversify their portfolios and potentially capitalize on the promising potential of this decentralized marketplace protocol.

Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale is Live!

Experts say that a lot of the money that is now being taken out of Aptos and Stellarmay might go into Pushd. This happens when people think another project, like Pushd, has big potential. Pushd stands out because it’s transparent, easy to use, and has lower fees. These things make Pushd useful in the real world, so more people are investing in it. Also, Pushd is just costing only $0.144, which is less than other similar options out there.

It is already in the 6th stage of presale, and analysts expect the return after the launch to be at least 50X. This is a great opportunity for investors looking for new options.

The cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, presenting both challenges and opportunities for investors. Against the backdrop of bearish trends in Aptos and Stellar, the emergence of Pushd’s presale offers a glimpse into the potential for innovation and growth in decentralized e-commerce. As investors seek to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on emerging trends, Pushd stands out as a promising prospect for those looking to embrace the future of online commerce.

Find out more about the Pushd presale by visiting the website here

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