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Esterified Vitamins Market 2018 | Present Scenario and Growth Prospects 2028 

Using either acetic acid or succinic acid, the phenol group of vitamins is converted into esters, resulting in esterified vitamins. When compared to natural forms of vitamins, esterified vitamins are more stable and have a longer shelf life, allowing them to be stored for extended periods. Esterified vitamins promote healthy immunological function, aid iron absorption, and give a variety of other health benefits, making them useful in nutraceuticals and other healthcare businesses. 

The Nutraceutical Industry’s Demand for Esterified Vitamins 

One of the primary aspects that are anticipated to enhance the market for esterified vitamins is consumer awareness of health and lifestyle. Consumers are adopting new behaviors with the sole intention of enhancing their health, which has resulted in a surge in the dietary supplement market. Dietary supplements that give health advantages and are derived from plant-based sources are preferred by consumers. As a result, they are concentrating on developing esterified vitamins that are 100 percent vegetarian, have antioxidant qualities, have high absorption, and so on, to meet the needs of customers, which is expected to drive the esterified vitamins market. 

Esterified vitamins have strong antioxidant qualities, which means they can help protect the body from free radical damage. These vitamins’ antioxidant qualities also aid to boost immunity and minimize the chance of infection. These advantages of esterified vitamins are projected to appeal to health-conscious customers, boosting the market for esterified vitamins. Furthermore, because esterified vitamins have a high absorption efficiency and do not produce acidity, they are more effective than conventional vitamins, which is predicted to increase customer demand for esterified vitamins and contribute to market expansion. 

Key Players in the Global Esterified Vitamins Market 

Natures Plus, Vitae Naturals, Thompson’s, and Natrol Vitamins & Supplements are some of the leading market players in the esterified vitamins market. 

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