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Essential HubSpot Integrations to Boost Your ROI

HubSpot is an effective software used by businesses all over the world. It brings various types of data and insights in one portal to upscale business and increases teams’ efficiency. It  has built itself as a one-stop solution for inbound marketing, sales, CRM and web development needs. 

HubSpot has also enabled users to integrate their system with many external apps to increase the seamlessness of the workflow. This helps users to increase their efficiency. 

Hubspot custom integrations make it easier for users to personalize their experience according to specific preferences. Due to this, they can especially help to boost the ROI of businesses. 

Here are a few HubSpot integrations that serve specific purposes and help to boost the ROI. 

HubSpot integrations for Sales teams

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is one of the leading softwares to leverage the power of sales and marketing teams by providing a smoother workflow. 

By integrating Salesforce with HubSpot, all data can be consolidated so that it is in one place. Sales teams can easily sync data and automate data entry, allowing them more time to focus on important tasks.  

Unified data can result in data-driven decisions and improved collaboration, making your marketing and sales teams more efficient. 

The combined power of Salesforce and HubSpot can be used to upscale businesses by automating smoother workflows to track and manage leads, contacts and opportunities. 

The features offered in such HubSpot CRM integrations are extremely growth oriented if used properly. 

What do you think is the best integration between HubSpot vs Salesforce?

  • Drift

Drift empowers businesses by building conversations with prospects to convert them faster. It uses chats, emails, and videos to personalize user experience and help understand customer needs faster.  

With the features available within Drift and HubSpot, syncing all conversations between Drift and HubSpot is convenient. The timeline of the conversation can be tracked directly within HubSpot. 

Sales teams can also create specific conversational workflows based on the specific activity of customers. Marketers can customize email campaigns based on the conversations to help more people convert with the help of such HubSpot custom integrations. 

  • PandaDoc

It is extremely time consuming to create contracts and other sales documents. Personalizing it according to clients requires a lot of manual work. 

Streamline all your document workflows for smoother processes across documents. PandaDoc will helps to create sales documents such as proposals and contracts. It is also a tool that makes it easier to sign digitally. 

With the PandaDoc and HubSpot integrations feature, teams can build contracts and other sales documents from scratch, auto-populate new documents from the deal record, get your contracts signed and keep complete track of the document’s progress in HubSpot. 

HubSpot integrations to boost the ROI of Marketing teams

  1. Seventh Sense 

Email marketing can become cumbersome as amidst too much work it can become difficult to track email campaigns effectively and accurately. Especially when it can be automated. 

Seventh Sense uses AI to increase deliverability and engagement on email campaigns, helping you get better ROI. 

Seventh Sense with the HubSpot integrations feature makes all campaigns very effective as it really helps to get a better hold over all the data generted and received. All that data can be used as actionable insights to boost ROI from campaigns.   

With this integration, marketers also get the option to personalize all emails as per the most probable time and frequency of engagement. It helps you by placing your emails at the top of the client’s inbox, thereby increasing the number of responses. 

All these features combined help decrease email fatigue in subscribers and increase team members’ efficiency as they can now automate the whole process and focus on more important tasks.

  • Metadata

Managing many campaigns can be time-consuming and deliver less ROI when compared to the time invested. 

The features provided by Metadata and Hubspot integrations can help marketers to drive more revenue with paid search and social media campaigns. It can help them target the right set of audiences, automate campaigns, and experiment with campaigns.

It helps by optimizing the ads as per the platform and automates the process so marketers can focus on more important tasks. 

  • Quokka 

In a world full of decreasing attention spans, marketers need help to target an audience that has ignored ads and promotions previously. 

Quokka helps to track unopened emails and retarget prospects to convert them automatically. Integrating it with HubSpot allows you to create custom audiences and update the list to optimize your ad spend properly. 

This Hubspot custom integrations features nurture prospects and increase conversion rates, thereby boosting the ROI. 

HubSpot integrations that help with Lead generation

  • OptinMonster

Pop-ups that appear at the time when clients are about to leave a website are powerful since they make them stay on the site longer and reconsider their decisions. 

OptinMonster is an integration organizations should try out if they want one of those pop-ups in their website. In addition to optimized HubSpot website development these features make the webpage feature rich and visually appealing. 

You can design the highest converting opt-in forms to maximize lead generation by targeted pop-ups. 

OptinMonster helps you sync all the data from these lead-generating pop-ups with HubSpot using a cookie when integrated with HubSpot. This feature enables you to personalize the pop-ups, making them highly rewarding.  

  1. LinkedIn sales navigator 

LinkedIn is a powerful place to increase your prospects and businesses. Tapping into the power of the LinkedIn community can help you scale up your outreach ad enhance the ROI from the inbound marketing efforts.  

With the LinkedIn sales navigator integration with HubSpot, it is convenient to view LinkedIn insights in HubSpot. Users can also send InMails directly from HubSpot and sync all data with HubSpot contact and company records. 

  1. Lucky Orange 

Learning deeply about customer behaviour is important to be a pro at lead generation. One powerful way to access this data is through dynamic heatmaps. 

Lucky Orange helps businesses generate heatmaps, collect surveys, and view session recordings to see what people engage with and what frustrates them. 

Integrated with Lucky Orange, HubSpot helps users improve lead generation by tapping into minute details and addressing their pain points. 

Such HubSpot CRM integrations make it easier for businesses to access this important data from one portal and enhance the user experience by learning about visitor experiences. 

Fixing customers’ pain points on their visitor journey will increase your conversions exponentially, and now you can optimize it through HubSpot. 

HubSpot integrations to leverage analytics

  • Databox 

Leverage data from multiple platforms, including Youtube, Google, Facebook advertising, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all in one portal. 

Databox allows HubSpot users to access all this data easily on mobile, desktop and TV and track all  KPIs seamlessly. 

A significant number of HubSpot platinum and diamond users use Databox. It uses hundreds of pre-built templates to enable them to view the ROI.

Such features embedded in the Databox and Hubspot Intergations system enable businesses to take advantage of important metrics. 

  1. Zoho Analytics 

Zoho is quite popular in the software industry. Zoho Analytics makes it easier to identify actionable insights from complex data. 

Achieve a higher level of sales analytical capabilities with Zoho’s AI-powered assistant that helps build powerful, easy-to-understand reports and collect data that can be converted into further steps. 

  • QuarterOne 

Use automated sales forecasts from HubSpot sales data to understand future sales pipelines and sales team performances. Quarter one makes it easier to track and compare the performance of sales teams as per the monthly targets.

Having a model for future pipelines helps teams to make better decisions in the present. This type of approach enables realistic decision-making, which boosts ROI and makes sure that all expectations are met. 

Final words

HubSpot has great potential to upscale your business and help you achieve new possibilities. But supercharging your business with HubSpot integrations will help you leverage that potential even more. 

HubSpot integrations enable you to have a truly personalized experience. It can help you leverage Sales, Marketing, and Content management systems to boost your ROI. It will also help you manage business processes more effectively. 

Which of the above integrations are you going to use to optimize HubSpot?  

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