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Enhance Your Product Performance with ITOWU’s Thermal Conductive Materials

Enhance Your Product Performance with ITOWU’s Thermal Conductive Materials

You already know how vital heat conductivity is during your operations in the manufacturing industry. Whether you are making an engine that will be fitted into a vehicle or using a specific type of equipment that generates an incredibly high temperature – having the suitable materials to counter these temperatures is essential. Thermal conductive materials from ITOWU could be the solution you are looking for. We look at what ITOWU offers and what sets them aside in this article.

ITOWU’s Advantages

ITOWU has years of experience producing thermal conductive materials that can be used in various applications. Some of the significant advantages that be expected from ITOWU are outlined below:

  • Mature and advanced technology: The technologies used by ITOWU are refined, and they use the latest resources in order to ensure a streamlined yet highly efficient production process. This gives the customer the highest quality nitrates for their projects.
  • Experienced and professional teams: The people behind ITOWU are all experts in their fields and hold years of experience. This allows the customer to get expert advice from experienced individuals in different industries.
  • Customized services: The services offered can be precisely customized according to the specific requirements that the customer has. This delivers solutions more tailored toward how the nitrates will be used.
  • Wide range of products: The diverse selection of nitrate products from ITOWU also makes them a one-stop shop for manufacturers in different industries.
  • Global reach: The recognized name is known worldwide, and its products are also available to customers in most countries, which adds to the overall availability that customers can get when they choose ITOWU.

ITOWU’s Products

ITOWU offers a variety of products that can be used in different types of industries. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Boron Nitride Products: Amorphous strips, BN – A, BN – B, BN – C, BN – D, BN – E, BN ES, BN High Purity Ceramic Crucibles, BN Compound ceramic.
  • Silicone Nitride Products: Silicone nitride powders, guide roller, gasket, escutcheon, pins, rings, and shaft sleeves.
  • Aluminum Nitride Products: AN powder, AN large particle filler powder, AIN ceramic products.

The use of these products extends to industries such as electronics, aerospace, automobile, and many more.

Benefits of Using ITOWU’s Products

The benefits that manufacturers can gain through ITOWU’s products are endless. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important benefits that manufacturers should keep in mind when they feel unsure about which company to choose for their supplies:

  • Improved thermal conductivity: When thermal conductivity is improved, there are numerous benefits that follow. It helps to provide greater resistance to high temperatures in machinery and specific parts used during the manufacturing process or in the products shipped out to other manufacturers or consumers.
  • Enhanced product performance: Some products need to operate at very high temperatures to be effective, but when parts around the item will melt, it reduces performance in the factory. With ITOWU’s selection of thermal conductivity products, it’s possible to remove this particular barrier and ensure high temperatures will not cause melting or serious damage to used components.
  • Longer product lifespan: Performance is not the only factor that gets improved when ITOWU’s products are used. When components become more resistant to high temperatures, they will experience less wear and damage during the operation of the machinery and parts. This can help to provide a significant increase in the expected lifespan of these items.
  • Cost-effective solutions Another important factor to consider is that ITOWU keeps its prices competitive and affordable. Switching to an affordable solution that could extend the lifespan of equipment used in a manufacturing plant further reduces costs and expenses in the long term.


As a leader in the production of nitrates, ITOWU prides itself on producing only the purest and highest quality options that manufacturers can rely on. The company has a wide range of nitrides, including boron, silicone, and aluminum. This adds more diversity for the manufacturer and gives them an opportunity to find a solution that fits the project they are working on. To learn more about ITOWU and its range of nitrates, simply visit ITOWU’s website to get in touch.



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