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Enhance Business Communication with Quality Internet Phone Services

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Internet phone service can provide a company with an easy business communications system with all the features an organization needs. In the past, organizations would have to invest in different communication channels such as conferencing, PBX, call, and fax tools. However, these days, businesses can choose an Internet phone service provider without worrying about repairs for different systems or having to fret over how these systems would work together. This makes remote work much easier and smoother for employees worldwide.

This blog will teach you what an Internet Phone Service is, how it works, what features it offers, and why it is better than conventional phone lines.

What Is An Internet Phone Service?

In the simplest terms, an internet phone service is a phone system that requires an internet connection to make and receive calls. Also known as a Voice over Internet Protocol or cloud phone system, an internet phone service is much more convenient and easily scalable than traditional phone systems with landlines and private branch exchange setups.

How Do Internet Phones Work?

When you speak into an IP phone, the voice signals are converted into data packets that are transferred securely over the internet to the receiver. VoIP phone systems encrypt the data at both ends of the call and transform the data packets back into voice signals at the receiving end.

Common Features of Internet Phone Service

An all-in-one communications solution can help deliver a range of technologies under one platform:


With internet calling features, businesses can easily make affordable calls nationally and internationally. 

Audio and Video Conference

With mobile employees working from various locations worldwide, businesses need powerful audio and video calling capabilities that allow members to host and join meetings easily. With this functionality, teams can participate in discussions from their laptop, cell phones, or any other smart device with a high-speed internet connection. These features can also help in conducting informational and promotional webinars.

Team Messaging 

Team messaging is also a powerful collaboration tool necessary for internet phone service. Aside from the easy messaging functionality, it can serve as a repository of tasks where members can create groups and teams for specific projects. It can also be an engaging functionality with emojis and video/document-sharing features. 

Business App Integration

Internet phone services also allow the integration of various business apps employees use daily. This makes it easier for users to utilize their favorite tools, such as Office 365, Google for Work, and Salesforce. 

How Are Internet Phone Services Better Than Conventional Phone Lines?

Conventional Phone Line Internet Phone Service
Installation and maintenance of on-premises systems are required. Phone infrastructure is installed and maintained by the provider.
Workers are bound to use their on-premises phones. Remote employees can make calls using their laptops or mobile devices.
There’s consistent call quality. Call quality depends on the speed and quality of the internet connection, but HD calls are possible for a clear sound.
Features depend on the phone system in use and the advanced features opted for. Advanced phone features and functionalities are available.
Power outages can disrupt work if the business only uses landline phones. VoIP service providers offer 99% uptime and mobile device applications as well so that you’re never completely cut off from communications.
External and internal support is required for landline phone management. 24/7 customer support available, with self-service options as well.


Expand Your Business with 8×8 Internet Phone Service

If you are looking for a solution that meets all your needs under one unified platform, check out8×8 Internet Phone Service with fantastic features that can always keep you connected. By choosing 8×8 Internet Phone Service, your business can unify and streamline communications, scale the business phone system accordingly, and save money. 

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