ENDX Chooses Exberry To Power The World’s First eSports Trading Platform

ENDX:GO launches the world’s first esports exchange, a virtual esports ‘stock market’ game. This new platform is powered by Exberry and will allow fans to trade player tokens and capitalize on the future performance of professional esports players. Catering to a mobile-centric and dedicated audience, ENDX:GO is the future of esports player engagement.

ENDX enables sports fans to follow their favorite players, even more, closer by trading on their future performances on the exchange. While building a portfolio of holdings out of the 150 best players in the world, users can organize community groups, called clans, and compete between themselves individually and clan vs clan, capitalizing on their esports knowledge. 


ENDX has built its exchange powered by Exberry’s 24/7 Matching & Trading engine. Exberry’s engine is the perfect match for ENDX as it allows for highly flexible asset trading and offers a very short time to market with immediate access to a fully functional sandbox and production sites. The engine is asset-agnostic, meaning integration was easy, and ENDX could use a DLT of their own choice. This was followed by a simple integration into wider exchange ecosystems using modern APIs. The cloud-native SaaS engine allowed ENDX to focus on building the platform while Exberry managed all the core trading functionalities. Another important factor was that Exberry’s services and scalable technologies meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements.

Capitalize on your passion

On the exchange, users can trade the crypto-backed SFT (semi-fungible tokens) developed in-house by ENDX coupled with technology provided by Exberry. The price of the SFT is determined by the market, as traders base their expectations on the underlying player’s future performance. As the future performance of each player is highly unpredictable, each market participant (‘trader’) will invariably establish a different valuation for the various tokens at any point in time. The platform allows users to trade the tokens they hold in one specific player with other fans. The SFT is created and issued in initial public offerings, which are sold onto the ENDX trader market at an initial market price. The revenue is then split between esports players, teams, and ENDX. The SFT moves trading into a next-generation stock exchange-like environment.

About ENDX

ENDX is built on intuitive UX and a sophisticated matching engine supported by the Ethereum blockchain allowing secure transactions. ENDX follows the rules of the major global financial exchanges, e.g. liquidity management and trade reconciliation done in real-time alongside trade matches.

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The ENDX management

Aside from the core team, ENDX is supported by a board of senior advisors that comprise:


  • Lars Olesen – Former Global head of FX trading at CITI
  • Jannick Malling – Co-founder and CEO of
  • Anders Blume – Former professional CS:GO player, and currently one of the world’s leading CS:GO casters, having worked at all Valve-sponsored CS:GO majors
  • Morten Pedersen – Former CMO of

About Exberry

Exberry delivers a purpose-built exchange infrastructure regardless of the asset class or opportunity and sits at the heart of your market. The deep-tech SaaS solution is deployed to enhance existing exchanges’ limited capabilities and to serve as the ecosystem for the trading of any new assets. Exberry recently released Nebula, based on its powerful tech, an A-Z cloud-native exchange, and trading platform.


Exberry helps exchange pioneers and marketplaces at all levels and of all sizes launch, pivot, break ground, and scale. Unlike any other technology provider, Exberry delivers a blend of exchange and trading technology expertise for secondary market models, combining entrepreneurial pedigree and corporate strength. 



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