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How Exberry Is Transforming The Capital Markets Exchange and Trading Industry 

Exberry‘s cloud-native SaaS solution has been transforming the very traditional, gatekeeper-led capital markets exchange and trading industry. The company is led by Co-Founder & CEO Guy Melamed, who held leadership roles in transformational companies such as Greenroad, Ginger Software, and Finova Capital. I got a chance to interview Guy, together with Dudi Krisher, Co-Founder & Head of product, and ask them how Exberry, the exchange technology pioneer, is revolutionizing marketplaces. 

What can a cloud-native SaaS solution do for a marketplace or exchange?

Guy: This question is almost comparable to what happened in the last decade to our productivity services, such as; email, docs, etc. Speaking about Cloud-native solutions in the capital markets industry is taking cloud to its extremist in one of the most traditional and well-guarded industries.

By using Cloud-native solutions, Capital markets & exchanges are disrupted in terms of innovation, efficiency, flexibility, and cost optimization. For example: 

Why buy on-prem solutions that cost your exchange millions of dollars, whereas you can scale up and down your capacities based on your real usage.

Furthermore, Software as a service (SaaS) solutions enables market operators to focus on the operations rather than on IT. Our clients receive a turnkey solution as a service that covers system deployments, health monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades. So the beating heart of your market is being handled by a group of people who are experts in that domain. Hence, you’re saving millions of dollars on ownership costs.  

When we look at some of your competitors like Nasdaq, what is your unique value proposition? 

Guy: Nasdaq technologies are supporting up to date more than 130 markets around the globe, with proven legacy technology. Nevertheless, they, as well as the other tech providers in the industry, are racing towards a stable and sustainable cloud solution. Exberry, today, is the only Cloud-native solution that can sustain capital markets grade solutions as well as digital securities using even low latency / high-frequency trading in the cloud, from both scale & cost perspective, thus, with an unbridgeable tech gap. 

Furthermore, aside from the goal of reaching the cloud, we see everyday new asset types and new market types that haven’t existed before, Exberry’s tech was built to natively support traditional as well as the most futuristic asset classes. Our tech agnostic approach also enables us to integrate any blockchain to overcome new settlement processes that reach near real-time transactions. 

Also, when looking into modern markets like crypto & NFT’s, we encounter the search to broaden the asset classes that are being traded in those markets. Exberry is offering here the most conservative model with the most innovative tech that can take those markets to the next level. 

Last but not least, Exberry markets can be launched in a matter of days, no more long projects for establishing markets; just plug and play your own market.

How important was it for you to build an asset agnostic solution? 

Dudi: We are a product company; we’ve built everything in a generic & flexible methodology as we realized that the industry was about to be disrupted and transformed and, on the other hand, guarded by the big gatekeepers. Our approach interweaves the strengths and the guideline of our highly regulated environment and barriers removal, which we as an independent technology vendor are not bound to. 

The perception of a modular asset topology was addressed by us through building a flexible solution based on microservices architecture. 

Can you please expand on some of the deep tech solutions exberry offers? How is it efficiently integrated into capital markets? 

Guy: Exberry Matching & Trading engine was built by a group of professionals coming from the capital market industry to bring the traditional well-proven characteristic to the cloud and enable existing/ yet to be invented assets to be traded on stock exchange like models. (Derivatives, ESG, Commodities, Carbon footprint, Digital Securities, and many more).

We’ve been working closely with some of the cloud providers architects to leverage and optimize the cloud capabilities to meet the high standard of that industry. Every operation is being processed immediately; every functionality is available via an easy-to-integrate API, all actions are being permanently audited and all-around a pure deterministic engine.  

Integrating a centralized order book-based system with distributed ledger technology is a key challenge these days; in Exberry, we’ve approached this with a few different models that suit different markets/ industries. With The Exberry partner ecosystem, we are able to tailor the right model and the right DLT vendor to serve our client needs with the highest transparency, connectivity, and efficiency.

Our deeptech capabilities will rock the boat again soon, once we release our new solutions in the coming weeks to the market. 

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