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EnduraData Has Released Edpcloud Software Suite Version 6.0

Secure data synchronization and file synchronization have a multitude of important advantages and use cases for businesses. A recent academic article, titled The Importance of Data Synchronization in Multiboard Acquisition Systems has engaged with the vital nature of data synchronization. The paper demonstrates the importance of a synchronization algorithm in the receiver section of each unit in a, “complex multi-board sensing system designed for off-line monitoring of biometric traces”. The paper pays special attention to the influence of delays that a receiver introduces while processing synchronization messages. For the purposes of the paper, the academics assume that the network has a star topology with a single central node that acts as a time coordinator. Their data shows that even in such a simple system the data synchronization strategies reduced receiving times and as a result had a substantial impact on the overall performance and effectiveness of the instruments and the system. 

EnduraData understands the vital nature of data synchronization and file replication in the modern business world. That is why they have developed the sixth version of the Edpcloud software suite. 

EnduraData and Edpcloud

EnduraData is both the designer and the vendor of file replication and data synchronization software. They have recently released version 6.0 of their software, Edpcloud. This version is publicly available and can be accessed from their website. The predominant use case for this software is for businesses and government agencies to synchronize their data between server farms at the edge, the cloud and the business or agencies data center. 

The Edpcloud replication software provides its users with a flexible option for deployment, data distribution, aggregation, synchronization and ingestion. This software functions for edge to edge cases, edge to data center, data center to data center as well as edge to cloud file synchronization. The software is also designed to function with a business or agencies existing hardware and storage set up. Additionally, the software solution can replicate data in real-time, on-demand or in a scheduled mode. 

Version six of the Edpcloud software has added support for using OpenSSl certificates, improved the means of authentication and has removed the need for a key exchange. These new features allow businesses and government agencies to make easier and better use of the software. In addition to these improvements, the latest release of the software also allows network administrators to designate specific nodes which are allowed to manage the replication of data and to designate the specific nodes which are allowed to be a part of a data replication configuration. The CTO and founder of EnduraData, Abderrahman El Haddi has stated that, “This software version allows our customers to sync data automatically from anywhere to anywhere in a secure fashion.”

EnduraData is a software company that is based in Minnesota, USA. The company focuses on creating software solutions for businesses and government agencies that address their needs of data replication, ingestion, distribution and protection. The company recognizes that data is the new currency of business in the 21st century financial landscape. Their goal as a business is to help organizations which are heavily dependent on data such as those in the healthcare, finance and government sectors to have access to a secure, fast and reliable mechanism of managing their data. This mechanism comes in the form of an effective cross-platform data synchronization and backup solution which enhances data protection, reduces risks associated with large amounts of data and allows businesses and government agencies to leverage data for decision making. 

The data replication software solutions which the company provides to its clients increase productivity and improve data security. In addition to the high quality of the data tools which the company provides they also provide their customers with a high degree of personalized customer service. The company stands firmly behind the quality of their work and their software and ensures that their team is available for clients to ensure that their clients data and processes are continually available. 

Final Thoughts 

EnduraData is reimagining secure data synchronization and file replication with their latest version of the Edpcloud software suite. This latest version includes a number of improvements which will assist network and data center administrators with the management and maintenance of their data. Additionally, the new version brings further improvements over the previous version which further streamline the experience and make data management that much more efficient and manageable.

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