Can File Replication Software Be Used to Replicate Files Over a WAN?

Data loss costs money, and depending on the volume of data, an organization can need millions of dollars to recover from a data loss event. For example, the global cost on average for a data breach, according to this IBM report, is $4.35 million, with the price escalating to $9.44 million for U.S. companies.

Synching files in real-time across multiple locations with multiway and multi-directional systems over a WAN has become essential, but is it possible?

EnduraData’s file replication software allows versatile and secure file replication and movement across different sites and between various operating systems, storages, LANS, and WANs across geolocations.

Data Movement and Losses

Access to data has become vital for businesses and organizations, especially those running from several locations. The most common data-loss incidents include human error, ever-increasing natural disasters, hardware failure, software failure, migration errors, malicious acts, and malware.

Organizations want to protect their data from these threats while ensuring its accurate duplication. Providing reliable file replication means reliable data access and safeguarded data, saving the need for endless hours of expensive recovery and recreation in case of loss.

By using the right data replication software, organizations create a system of automatic and secure movement of files. For example, EnduraData’s EDpCloud allows synchronization of all data from any operating system with a choice of file movements in real-time, scheduled mode, or even on demand.

WAN Enables Connection

WAN connections have enabled organizations to access a cheaper infrastructure for instantly sharing information and communicating with each other, their customers, and partner organizations without the added human resources and cost.

Connecting devices from multiple connections globally is essential for organizations and businesses. A wide area network (WAN) enables information sharing and communication globally for connecting devices.

However, some of the biggest synchronization challenges include data quality, security, management, performance, and complexity when moving data, especially across various systems and clouds.

Keeping data consistent and accurate across various applications is not possible manually since errors can easily occur. Instead, file replication software automatically makes copies and stores the data in different locations, whether these are on the same premises or in separate areas through cloud-based services.

Businesses and organizations can take advantage of maintaining consistent duplication while also ensuring that their data is accessible and available.

Automation Technology Software Solutions

Organizations and governments replicate and move sensitive customer and citizen data, including medical information. Therefore, they must protect it at every step to ensure they remain compliant as they duplicate it and move it between sites, operating systems, locations, and servers.

The right file replication software solution with automation technology at enterprise levels offers large-scale integration and migration solutions. Throughout replication and retrieval, the files and data remain protected from threats.

EnduraData’s EDpCloud powers some of the largest government agencies, including three web environments of the Social Security Administration. By replacing the now defunct Attunity Repliweb Linux data replication software system, the SSA continues to ensure the delivery of high-quality services to the nation through its field offices, the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB), and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

EnduraData  automation technology products and solutions provide Linux, Unix, and Windows replication and synchronization for the different operating systems between various sites, including WANs.

Once installed, the enterprises can configure the software to their needs, providing efficient and scalable backups and data streaming to fit their needs. Each enterprise decides on whether they need to replicate and sync their data in deltas (changed parts) or make new copies of entire files in any situation between sites, including any direction.

EnduraData EDpCloud solution protects data, significantly reducing the windows of vulnerability, risks, and costs.

Bottom Line

The most advanced file replication software ensures businesses and organizations with large-scale deployments over WAN can replicate their files according to their needs. Since 2006, EnduraData has provided file and data replication and synching solutions for private and government organizations in the U.S. and abroad, including healthcare providers and insurers, and data storage companies.

CTO and Founder of EnduraData, A. El Haddi, recently said, “We remain committed to delivering only the best-in-class solutions for data integrity with customizable applications that solve pressing challenges for file replication, including over WAN for remote heterogeneous systems.”

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