Emerging Trends In Cloud Data Security Solutions; Interview with Zbyněk Sopuch, CTO of Safetica

Interview with Zbyněk Sopuch, CTO of Safetica

With Safetica, you can focus on your business without worrying about data loss or insider threats. Find out more in this exclusive interview with Zbyněk Sopuch, CTO of Safetica.

Please tell us more about yourself and your journey so far in the security industry.

My name is Zbyněk Sopuch and I am currently the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Safetica, a security software vendor, where I  synergize my technology perspective and background with our customers’ needs. Since a significant portion of our buyer personas are cyber sec teams and other senior technology executives, this gives me a unique perspective to really connect with these buying committees.

I have more than ten years of experience in this industry, and for me everyday, I am excited about both the opportunities and security challenges that AI and the cloud are bringing to the business world. For us at Safetica,  we are energized about the ability to continue to tackle these complicated security challenges; to empower users and businesses without overwhelming them with complex solutions. 

What is Safetica and what unique services do you provide?

Data security and Insider risk management (IRM) is a unique combination for medium-sized businesses, where traditional DLP solutions are too complicated and many times not seamless. The fusion of DLP and IRM gives organizations inherent visibility over sensitive data, concurrent insider risks within their environment connected to this data, visibility across workspaces, and facilitates the detection of suspicious or harmful user behaviors. It goes a step further into automating the detection of IT environment risks and changes, simplifying data security and increasing the return of investment that entities make into their security stack. 

Currently, we see a strong trend among companies that Insider risk management has become more important to our customers, thanks to this rapid adoption and its flexibility within the organization. 

Could you give us an overview of the Cloud Data Security market and the emerging trends influencing this industry?

The situation on the market can be described as data security consolidation, with disruption by AI. By consolidation, I mean by inherent merging or overlapping of the data endpoint security market and formerly dedicated cloud data security market with dedicated email security or CASB solutions. Modern solutions offer a unified, centralized approach to address data over the whole environment, whether used by desktop applications, web services, or cloud platforms. 

 The current AI disruption is driving the adoption of cloud services, with the rise of new transformational services. Employees are motivated to send data into such services to maintain productivity. Exposing data like that can be very risky if it is not managed properly – with strong service discovery ability and efficient data protection management. This reflects the close synergy between insider risk management and data loss prevention. 

What are some common challenges that companies face when it comes to cloud data security and how does Safetica’s Cloud Data Security solution help organizations protect their data?

The basic security questions are very straightforward. Where is my sensitive data and where does it reside? With whom are they shared? How do they flow through my organization?

 The biggest challenge is that the answers are too broad and overwhelming, creating information blindness for IT or security teams. And that is where our solution comes in – automated risk detection and enforcing security policies and best practices

What are some of the key features and benefits of Safetica’s Cloud Data Security solutions and how does Safetica allow businesses to stay ahead of evolving data security challenges in the cloud environment?

I already mentioned the most important benefit: the unique combination of Data Loss Prevention and Insider Risk Management, which reduces barriers to adopting cloud data security and starting to use the solution from day one.  

But to be more specific, Safetica offers the same solution as cloud service or on-premises and covers both endpoints and your productivity cloud platform. With a single glass of panel, we bring visibility to the workforce, work environment, data flow, and data classification, and enforce security best practices and company policies as well as we can. 

 The key to staying ahead is really to focus on our customers’ efficiency. The solution needs to be flexible, and we need to simplify the workload on the IT and Cyber sec teams as much as possible. 

With advancements in artificial intelligence, could you give us some insights into the emergence and trends of AI developments in data classification and security?

AI is aligned with our simplification and automation strategy. It starts with machine learning to automate basic patterns, but AI also pushes it to the next level for anomaly detection, simplification of whole security operation, and its deep learning capacities paves the way for predictive classification and remediation.

 Imagine LLM-based generative AI in the middle of a security operation center. This can bring a whole new level of interaction with the system and help connect the dots when investigating a potential incident. Data from different parts of the system or even between systems are analyzed in the background and provided to the security operator in the context and at a rapid speed. This reality is near in the future, and security solutions need to be ready for such demand. 

What are you currently working on, any available opportunities for investors and partnerships at Safetica? Do you have more tips for our readers today?

We are continually seeking partners interested in selling or integrating Safetica into their portfolio. If you have a cyber-security portfolio for your customers/partners and still need Endpoint Security, Risk Management, Data Classification, and Regulatory compliance, let’s get in touch. While we have the luxury of generating enough cash to support our growth, we remain open to exploring options that can accelerate our progress. Though it is not an immediate priority, we are open to considering various possibilities to ensure nothing is off the table.

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