Encrypted Messaging Platform Alternative To Traditional Emails; Interview with Remy EISENSTEIN Founder of SafePost


Remy EISENSTEIN is the CEO of TOKEN ECONOMICS, a French company based in Paris. TOKEN ECONOMICS is a spin-off of SYMEX ECONOMICS, a company established in 1989 specialized in the development of solution adapted to companies listed on the stock exchange. SafePost is part of  TOKEN ECONOMICS.

What is Safepost?

SafePost® ( is an innovative patented encrypted messaging platform alternative to traditional emails: a market worth more than 200 billion dollars / year.

SafePost® aims to eradicate unsolicited messages and make sure of the origin of the messages we receive.

And, most important, SafePost® shelters us from hackers who ransom people and companies, disrupt our work, invade our privacy and threaten our assets.

What are the significant features and services provided by Safepost, and how do they work?

The main weakness of email technology is everybody may send a message to anybody: enter your email address while registering and you will receive lots of advertising messages. These messages are generally spam.

Second weakness: a hacker may send a message to somebody with a fake identity through a fake email address. Worse, a hacker may get your password and send messages through your email address. These messages are usually phishing emails and may contain ransomware or spyware.

Third weakness: the content of messages you exchange through emails is not protected. Anybody may read the content of your messages.

SafePost solves all these problems:

1/ NO MORE ENTRY POINTS FOR EMAIL HACKERS: SafePost doesn’t use the email technology. SafePost uses open source code to encrypt and decrypt your messages and documents on your computer: this gives the guarantee that algorithms used have no back door.

2/ NO UNSOLICITED MESSAGES: a SafePost user can exchange with another one only if he has accepted to join his contact list.

3/ NO DOUBT ABOUT THE IDENTITY OF YOUR INTERLOCUTORS: SafePost offers the possibility to check the identity of its users thanks to a GDPR compliant solution used by major European banks and companies.

4/ ENHANCED SECURITY: SafePost users may enable Double Factor Authentication (2FA) to prevent from hackers attempting to get your password.

5/ NO THIRD PARTY, INCLUDING THE SAFEPOST TEAM, CAN NEITHER DECRYPT NOR READ THE CONTENT OF MESSAGES AND DOCUMENTS YOU EXCHANGE: messages and documents are encrypted without any third-party trust before being sent to SafePost. They are then stored in a decentralized database accessible in high availability.

What makes Safepost Unique?

SafePost differs from other classical protection solutions by offering a patented disruptive technology independent from traditional email technology.

Classical anti-spam, anti-phishing, anti-spyware and anti-ransomware solutions attempting to make emails safe, charge 200 billion dollars per year for poor results.

To give you an idea of this failure, the FBI has documented 166,349 domestic and international complaints of fraudulent email victims between June 2016 and July 2019, representing a total loss of more than 26.2 billion dollars.

A study published in November 2019 by the BARRACUDA company has revealed that,

  • 47% of attacks are from a Gmail account,
  • A phishing email out of 10 manages to convince its recipient to click on the link that is proposed to him,
  • This percentage triples when the email usurps the identity of the head of Human Resources or the IT department,
  • In the last 12 months, the average amount lost as a result of a spear-phishing attack was 270,000 dollars,
  • An email scam did cost 29 million dollars to a media conglomerate.

As you can see it, everybody is concerned. Among victims, law firms and accountants are the preferred targets of phishing emails. In 2018, nearly 80% of law firms reported phishing attempts and, according to Osterman Research, the number of mass phishing attempts getting through to end users increased by 25% while spear-phishing attempts rose by 26%.

SafePost solves the problem.

Everybody joining SafePost gets a customized unique SafePost address for free.

Unlike emails, SafePost users may pass the KYC process to foil any doubt about their identity. Likewise, they may activate the 2FA process for increased security. These two processes are not mandatory but strongly recommended.

To receive messages, you must first invite contacts to join your SafePost contact list. Then your contacts must accept the invitation they receive. You can, of course, disable or ban a contact at any moment.

Last but not least, messages and documents exchanged are encrypted before being sent to SafePost servers, without the use of any third-party trust. They are then stored in a decentralized database accessible in high availability.

In other words, with SafePost,

  • You only receive wished messages,
  • You will never have any doubt anymore about the origin of the messages you receive,
  • Nobody, except you and your interlocutors, can decrypt and read messages and documents you exchange.

What has Safepost achieved till date and what are the near future goals?

We’ve got our encrypting/decrypting process patented in France.

We’ve requested a patent extension in 152 other countries worldwide, including the United States, China, Russia, India and the European Union.

We’ve launched the website of SafePost on 15 October 2019.

On 12 December 2019 SafePost won the Innovation Prize awarded by the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The jury was composed of entrepreneurs and executives from large international companies, representatives of the French Embassy and academia.

We’ve launched the app for Smartphones and Tablets on App Store (Apple) and Android (Google Play and Amazon) in May 2020.

We’ve listed the STAMP token on P2PB2B exchange in March 2020 and then on BELDEX and more recently on VINDAX.

This is the past.

Among the major next milestones,

  • The release of a Windows version of SafePost with enhanced functions to offer an alternative to email browsers such as Outlook and Postbox,
  • The release of a SafePost API to facilitate the development of an ecosystem around our fast encrypting/decrypting system,
  • The implement of the IPFS protocol for secured document vault and secured chat.

What difficulties did you face with the starting of this project?

The main difficulty was to reinvent the email technology by offering a more transparent and secure solution free of spam and fraudulent messages.

To achieve this goal, we have designed and patented an encryption/decryption system that is running fast, energy-efficient and doesn’t require the use of any trusted third party.

Our system encrypts and decrypts data on the computer of the users. SafePost, therefore, neither store any data readable in clear nor store any private key.

What are your investment goals, any ongoing listings or upcoming token sale?

We’re growing fast. So, we don’t have any problem to achieve our investment goals.

After P2PB2B, BELDEX and VINDAX, STAMP will be listed on the SISTEMKOIN exchange based in Turkey in September 2020.

Then, we aim to be listed on a major Asian exchange in early 2021.

How strong is your community, marketing and support?

Our community is pretty important with 8,000 fans on Facebook, 3,500 followers on LinkedIn and 3,500 subscribers on Telegram we got in a couple of weeks.

This is the visible part of the iceberg.

Our community is much bigger if you consider the professions that are regularly targeted by hackers such as lawyers, notaries and accountants because they manage highly confidential information.

Companies, businessmen and researchers are potential SafePost users as well: imagine the consequences of ransomware asking for money to unblock your computers or a leak of confidential information due to spyware downloaded from an email!

The marketing is easy: search for “ransomware” or “email scam”, and you will learn every day at least one new story of a company or an administration victim of fraudulent emails.

Concerning the support, we have supporters, sceptics and detractors.

Supporters help us a lot: many thanks.

Speaking about sceptics and detractors, I would like to remind you a phrase of the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer: “All truth passes through three stages: First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.”

We passed successfully the first and the second step with the patenting of our solution and the Innovation Prize awarded by the French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We’re passing successfully the third step every time a sceptic or a detractor is the victim of a fraudulent email or blackmail due to ransomware and joins SafePost with this comment “never again!”.

Any message for investors?

A few figures:

  • We are 3.7 billion email users in the world,
  • 55% of the emails we received are unsolicited messages,
  • 47% of attacks come from a Gmail account,
  • A phishing email out of 10 manages to convince its recipient to click on the link that is proposed to him,
  • In the last 12 months, the average amount lost as a result of a spear-phishing attack was 270,000 dollars,

All these figures show there is a place for a disrupting patented product like SafePost as an efficient alternative to traditional emails for a world free of spam and fraudulent messages.

We are at the beginning of the story like Google and Facebook in the past. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, all you need to do is invest in STAMP tokens. 

The minimum value guaranteed by SafePost is €0.001 / STAMP for using its services.

As STAMP’s supply (100 billion tokens) is limited, its value will gradually increase as the number of SafePost users grows and their needs of STAMP tokens grows to send messages and buy additional services (KYC, document vault, etc…).

In other words

Case #1, the price of the STAMP on the exchange is under €0.001
=> the user would pay 1 STAMP (= €0.001: the price guaranteed by SafePost for using its services) to send a message.

Case #2, the price of the STAMP on the exchange is above €0.001 (e.g. €0.002)

=> the user will pay 0.5 STAMP to send a message.


  • SafePost guarantees the price of the STAMP when using its services,
  • The more SafePost users there will be, the higher will be the price of the STAMP token.
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