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Encouraging Voyage of most followed arab dermatologist: Doctor Yousef Abo Zarad

Encouraging Voyage of most followed arab dermatologist

Life is not a bed of roses and nothing is free in this world. We have many examples of inspiring personalities who have seen big dreams come true with their nonstop struggle to show no one can hold you back if you have faith in yourself. 

Dr. Yousef Abo Zarad’s life is inspiring and motivating for the new generation that explains how an ordinary person who had been taken by another country as a refugee become a successful dermatologist as well as a social media star. You must have seen Doctor Yousef on YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram. 

He is an inspiration for the youth. He is a successful dermatologist in Germany who has made his way from refugee to a social media star with millions of subscribers. There are alot of things that you may not know about Dr. Yousef. Read the given article to know about the encouraging voyage of Doctor Yousef toward Victory. 

Journey Towards Dermatology

Doctor Yousef graduated from Aleppo Syria and when he was about to start his career, After the war broke out he had to leave Syria. He started living in Germany as a refugee but never stop chasing his dream of becoming a successful doctor. In one of his interviews, he said that his motto is to become a man who‘s dream is to be the best. 

Once in an interview when he was asked to share something about himself he replied:

” I completed 6 years of medical schooling in Syria with an outstanding rate and when I arrived in Germany I had just my diploma. In 2018 I converted my medical certificate to German and got the amendment German certificate. During 2 years of my orthopedic surgeon, I polished my surgical abilities by working at night and caring for emergency patients “

After he realized that he feels better by helping people with their skin problems he decided to focus on becoming a dermatologist.

Now he is a 31 years old dermatologist with an exceptionally inspiring story. He was determined to achieve his goals. 

Once he said that he came to the conclusion that shifting his focus to dermatology and cosmetology would let him have a much more fulfilling and successful career. He has experience in a wide range of surgeries including skin cancers, scar correction, laser treatment, botox, filler, micro-needling, and much more related to hair, skin, and cosmetic operations.

As a highly professional person, he has a great interest in attending scientific conferences that work as elaborating and increasing his further knowledge. He stays alarmed by the latest current techniques, products, therapies, and types of equipment. 

What Makes Doctor Yousef A Social Media Influencer?

Doctor Yousef Abo Zarad has gained a distinctive position among social media influencers with a significant number of followers (over 4 millions) on different platforms. If we talk about why he stepped into social media then the answer is just to share his knowledge and experience with his followers. 

On YouTube, he has more than 1.7 million followers and he is active in sharing different content on different topics in his fields that a layman needs to know.

Besides youtube, you will find him on other platforms including Instagram where he has more than 410k followers. Usually, he posts before and after the results of his treatments and surgeries. He is also present on Facebook with more than 1,1 M followers and on TikTok, you will find him with 1,1 M followers. Besides being a busy dermatologist he is consistent with his posts on social media platforms.

Once when he was asked what inspired him to become a social media influencer he described that in one phrase “every optimist has a share”. This phrase inspires him to share his experience and knowledge with the whole world on different platforms just to educate others. 

He believes s in hard work, positivity, and balance between his professional life and his personal life. He has a strong desire of conveying his medical knowledge to the audience on a global scale. 

Is It Worthy To Follow Doctor Yousef? 

As mentioned earlier, when he opened his YouTube channel, within a year he was a successful YouTuber with 1 million subscribers, so we can say that his quality content is efficient enough to achieve all this. You will find a variety of videos on his YouTube channel and all his videos are based on valuable information and well research. His Instagram posts are enough to compare different treatments by just watching a few pictures.

As a person, he is very patient and friendly toward his followers. He engages with the audience in his posts and sometimes he asks people for their feedback and opinions on different topics. Every post that you will find on Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform is genuine and authentic in a real sense. 

In the world of fake people where every social media content creator is pretending to be someone, they are not, Dr. Yousef is a real transparent personality. His followers are important to him and always tries to educate them on different topics that they will not find on any other platform.  

A Glimpse Of His Personal Life

He is very close to his family and he has given the credit for success to his family and wife. His father Dr. Moustafa Abo Zarad is also a doctor (a pediatrician). He has a strong bond with his siblings and parents. He was supported by his parents, brother, and wife. 

Despite his work and social media activities he never misses his regular workout. Once he said that sports are an essential part of his life to increase his mental activities and growth hormone stimulation. Because of this, he tries to encourage his followers to prioritize their physical activities for their mental health. 

Key lessons from Encouraging Voyage of Doctor Yousef

Every story has its own key lessons. After reading the story of doctor Yousef towards his success there are some lessons that you can learn. First of all, never give up on your dreams. He suffered a lot and move to another country but he continue to study and achieve what he dreamt of. He believes in himself and never takes his dream as an impossible task. He is persistent and patient. He never wants to take shortcuts. 

Ending Remarks

Doctor Yousef is an inspiration and a well-known personality in Europe and the Middle East. Due to his significant fan following on different platforms many networks have called him for interviews. You can easily connect with him on different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

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