Empower Electric Appliances with 21700 Li Ion Battery

21700 Li Ion Battery

In recent years, the advancement of battery technology has transformed the way we power our devices. One key innovation is the 21700 Li ion battery. These batteries feature a more significant form factor and have become very popular thanks to their exceptional power capabilities. The term “21700” refers to the dimensions of the battery, specifically its diameter and length in millimeters. Compared to the widely used 18650 Li ion battery, the 21700 features around 47% more volume. With a larger size, it can accommodate more active materials, leading to extended runtime and improved performance. This makes the 21700 Li ion battery an ideal choice for wide applications that demand high power and long-lasting energy.

Applications of 21700 Li-ion Battery

The versatility of the 21700 Li ion battery has contributed to its popularity across various applications. Some of these applications include the following:

Power Tools

21700 Li ion batteries enable power tools to deliver excellent performance, providing increased power output and longer runtime. From saws and drills to everything in between, these batteries help improve productivity.

Garden Tools

Leaf blowers, trimmers, and lawnmowers can all benefit from the excellent performance of a 21700 Li ion battery, allowing users to complete their gardening tasks more efficiently.

Vacuum Cleaners

With the high energy density of a 21700 Li ion battery, vacuum cleaners can operate at maximum power for longer periods, which ensures thorough cleaning without the hassle of frequent recharging.

Electric Bicycles and Motorcycles

The 21700 Li ion battery’s long cycle life makes it a reliable power source for electric bicycles and motorcycles, enabling extended travel distances and providing riders with an enjoyable experience.


The compact size of 21700 Li ion batteries makes them a great choice for drones. They facilitate enhanced maneuverability and extended flight times, making them a top choice for both recreational and professional users alike.

Empower Electric Appliances with 21700Empower Electric Appliances with 21700Empower Electric Appliances with 21700

Product Highlight: 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE

Sunpower New Energy is a leading manufacturer of lithium-ion battery cells, battery packs, battery BMS and power supply solutions. With extensive industry experience and a commitment to quality, the company has established itself as a trusted provider. Among the brand’s top products is the 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE, which boasts great versatility and top-of-the-line features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE is one of the best batteries of its kind available on the market because it is feature-rich and an ideal choice for diverse power needs. The key characteristics that make this battery stand out include (but are not limited to) the following:

1. High Discharge Rate

The most significant advantage of the 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE is its ability to deliver a high discharge rate. The high 3.6V 6C discharge rate ensures a robust and consistent performance to meet the demands of even the most energy-intensive applications.

2. Excellent Endurance

With over 90% discharge efficiency, 85℃ maximum operating temperature, and good cycle life performance under high-temperature conditions, the 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE boasts extended runtime, allowing users to maximize productivity without interruptions.

3. Long Cycle Life Span

The battery boasts a long cycle life span (≥600), which means it offers a very high number of charge and discharge cycles before its performance declines. This longevity makes it a reliable power source for various applications.

4. High Energy Density

This 5000mAh 21700 battery also packs a high energy density. This allows it to store significant power in a relatively compact form.

5. Maximum Reliability and Safety

Sunpower New Energy prioritizes the safety and reliability of its products. So, it’s not surprising that the 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE incorporates various advanced safety features, such as environmental protection material, overcharge and over-discharge protection, less than 2% cell swelling rate (to prevent fire/explosion at high temperature), and multiple certifications to ensure optimal use without any risks.

Empower Electric Appliances with 21700


Overall, the 21700 Li ion battery is a game-changer in the world of power solutions. Its excellent performance, long cycle life span, endurance, and safety features have made it versatile for various applications. When buying a 21700 Li ion battery, make sure to choose a reliable supplier that is known to offer premium-grade products and good after-sales service. The seasoned brand Sunpower New Energy is a recommended choice because of its innovative offerings, industry experience, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

With a vision to provide cutting-edge energy solutions, Sunpower New Energy is at the forefront of battery technology. The company offers a wide range of high temperature lithium ion battery products designed with safety, reliability, and performance in mind. Visit the manufacturer’s website to explore more products like 21700 High Rate Lithium-ion Battery 50SE.

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