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Embracing chats to drive brand value on social media. How active are you?

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Brands, in the endeavor to get more approachable, have tried hard to humanize their engagements with the consumer. There’s no arguing to the hangover of advertising as they have discovered newer ways to narrate. Social media, as we already know isn’t a medium just about connecting with your peers in different parts of the world. In fact, enterprises across sectors have started to depend upon them. Since chats are the most widely exhausted social media feature, they are anticipated to come on top by 2021; 71% of businesses believed that in a survey. 

As brands thrive on the 3 essential functions of customer relationship management (CRM) – sales, marketing & services, chats are an undeniable integral part in all of them. 

Chat for Social Selling  

If selling through social media isn’t working, you surely don’t know to sell! More than 10% of sales reps could close 5 or more deals because they were active on social media. This included making optimal use of all features, be it posting, surveying or engaging directly through chats. 

Chats are quick and influential enough to close a sale in record time. 1 in every 5 consumers prefers making an instant purchase from a chatbot while 40% of them are willing to spend USD 400 through a bot. These findings from the Ubisend Report back the onset of mobile commerce (m-commerce) wherein the chatbots drive the purchasing cycle for the consumer. 

As the search volume across chatbots grew by 19X over the past 5 years, e-commerce businesses have a legit reason to take m-commerce more seriously. Social analytics giant Hubspot found that 53% of people find it convenient to message and shop. 

Since the smallest business down the road is already empowered with an e-commerce presence, going mobile is the next big trend and a classic example of AI going mainstream. 

Chat for Social Marketing 

A Chatbox is an awesome little technology that can enhance your brand’s reach instantly and cost-effectively. 

Since marketing and social media go hand in glove, using chats is both smart and necessary to keep your brand upbeat. 

When used appropriately to strike engagements, chats could single-handedly flock visitors to you. For example, every time a user visits your Facebook page (or the website), the chatbot could instantly deliver the latest update about the whitepaper you just published. Chatbots could trigger a conversation with those users who previously visited your social media page. And in the simplest of cases, a live chat can be used to reach out to potential customers based on the information in their profiles. 

Lastly, they are marketing content. This is because consumers, who were previously attended through live chats or chatbots on the social media pages, returned sooner than others.  

Since chat rooms, forums and community groups have been around for long, using additional marketing strategies becomes imperative to beat the rush. For example, organizing chat sessions on specific topics (the simplest version of a seminar) gains valuable traction.

Several chatroom applications like omegle enable users to connect with random people across the world based on specific interests. Like a dating app that builds connections based on geography, hobbies, cuisines, etc., such chatroom apps are encouraging users to connect just like that, with anyone, anywhere. Imagine the impact of such a service when you could advertise your e-tutorial to students in a specific country. Henceforth, the scope of curating use cases is indefinite.  

Chat for Social Support

Beyond running marketing campaigns, social media platforms are the front runner mediums to address customer grievances. 

Brands across sectors have woken up to the immensely responsive channels to drive their customer interactions, through live chats or chatbots.   

As per ValueWalk, 63% of customers look up to their service provider to provide official support through social media. So, be it complaining about an unsuccessful transaction on your bank’s Twitter page or asking questions through Facebook live chats, CRM tools have discovered an essential function in social media and chats are at the helm of it. And this transition didn’t happen overnight. While it took a couple of days to seek solutions through email support, live chats are instant, brief and highly successful in resolving basic to slightly complex queries. 

And as far as customer care call support is concerned, there’s huge waiting over there. 

According to Econsultancy, 79% of customers were convinced to use live chats so that long queues while calling the customer care desk could be surpassed.

Entering 2020, chat applications on social media will drive customer engagements from the front. Not just would they be used to share essential updates, but provide detailed tech support that resolves critical solutions, right there, from the chatbox.

Final Word 

Since everybody has access to the same features, beating the competition will get tougher. Henceforth, brands like Cam Chat and must hone their skills to reach more people, drive useful conversations and analyze the collective response. 

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