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Effective Office Modernisation Methods for Productivity

Modernisation Methods

Office modernisation hasn’t always been as essential as it is these days. More awareness of personal issues, governance and compliance, and inclusion are more prominent than they have ever been. This means changes must be made to your current environment that enhance the flow and balance of work while providing somewhere safe to retreat to avoid burnout.

Better Network and Internet Systems

Productivity in the 21st century relies on technology. That is just a fact. The way modern systems are set up means your office cannot function effectively without internet connectivity and reliable comms systems. Today, even most office phone lines use internet protocols rather than standard phone line systems. You will require services like Solutions 4 IT since IT and network system upgrades are very complex by their nature, and minimal downtime is needed.

Natural Flow and Balance

A more natural workspace can enhance how well you and your teams work while in the office. Opening up the space to allow more natural light is known to help with energy. And you can invite a more relaxing and calming environment with plants and greenery. It can also help to replace fluorescent lighting with LED lights that mimic the sunlight better. Yet even the design of the workspace, such as being more open-plan, clusters of desks and open doors, can help.

Hybrid Remote Office Modernisation

Since the pandemic, we have gotten used to a massive paradigm shift when it comes to how we work. From grocery admin to Wall Street finance, remote systems, flexibility, and hybrid workspaces are now common fixtures among professional offices. One survey by Zippia found that 74% of companies in the US alone use or will use hybrid systems moving forward. Hybrid systems have been shown to have a huge positive impact on your employee productivity.

Somewhere to Retreat

It doesn’t matter what you do for a living. You can feel stressed. Having somewhere away from the main workspace can provide a reprieve for employees, and indeed yourself, when things are bearing down on you. Some companies now include retreatable spaces within the office, such as quiet rooms and easily-accessible greenspace. These can act as a kind of extension of the natural flow and balance in the office, but far enough away that you can find serenity again.

A Healthier Environment

Office work has long been known to be relatively unhealthy. Sitting at a desk all day increases back issues, contributes to weight gain and causes RSI. In short, office workers can be very unhealthy. This is not good for productivity and can increase absences. Today, modern offices are making workspaces much more friendly with standing desks, ergonomic furniture and daily exercise (stretching, yoga, Tai-Chi, etc.) classes that all teams are encouraged to join.


Improved IT and networking contribute to office modernisation. But there is more to it than communications and devices. Some companies now offer flexible hybrid remote models to cater to individual lifestyles. And you can introduce daily exercise classes to improve well-being.

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